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Welcome to the Burnout Prevention Group for Real Estate Professionals, brought to you by Beyond the Sale LLC.

Join us at our free quarterly meetups, where we'll create (or review/revise if you've been to one of our Summits) our Burnout Prevention Plans. This is an opportunity to discuss struggles (and successes!) we're facing throughout the year and make adjustments to our plans as we go.

What is a Burnout Prevention Plan? It's a tool that allows you to look at how your life and business operate. Are you over extending yourself to your clients? Are you forgetting to take a moment to yourself during the day? Are you lacking adequate sleep, exercise, proper nutrition? All of these things can easily fall by the wayside as we build and try to maintain our real estate businesses. The BPP is just as crucial, if not more than, your actual business plan.

All career experience levels are welcome - and all members of the real estate industry are welcome (IE: real estate agents, attorneys, lenders, title companies, interior designers, etc). This group is a part of Beyond the Sale LLC and is operated by the Founder, Brittany Wrenn.

Beyond the Sale LLC uses annual summits, a podcast, and various workbooks, to provide you with resources that support physical, emotional, and mental wellness while building a real estate business. By joining this group you will meet other like-minded real estate professionals while renewing, rebuilding, and restoring your work/life balance.

To learn more about Beyond the Sale LLC, visit: http://www.livebeyondthesale.com

To learn more about our Summit, visit: http://www.beyondthesalesummit.com

Let's connect on Instagram: @beyondthesale_ (https://www.instagram.com/beyondthesale_/)

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