Starting from Scratch - When You Don't Hold all the Cards

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Naperville Public Library 95th Street Library

3015 Cedar Glade Rd · Naperville, IL

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Whether you’re a beginner just getting your feet wet, or you already took that leap into your real estate investing career this meeting is for you. We are going to dive deep on what it really takes to start from scratch in the real estate world. How can you gather all the information and pieces to the puzzle in a short period of time. Much like the stock market, in real estate we’re always skulking and waiting, ready to pounce on what we believe is the perfect time to jump into the market. I’m here to tell you --- don’t keep waiting. You can spend the next few years waiting for the perfect time. You must take action – any kind of action, it just doesn’t matter which kind.
At this meeting we will cover the following

1. Building a million dollar portfolio in 2 years or less

2. How to scale up at a fast pace starting with very little money or credit

3. Strategies to find business partner to help you grow

4. How to present your number and figures so others want to be a part of your business

5. How to buy low rehab right and get your deal refinanced

6. How to do proper due diligence?

7. How to get ready for the closing?

8. 5 critical steps before you ever go to a closing

9. Understanding the Closing/HUD statement

10. How much do you actually pay for each service at the closing?

11. Do you know what your attorney is charging when you order title?

12. Cost when buying a property and selling a property and how to save thousands of dollars. This meeting is packed full of information so make sure you bring a pad and paper.

REMINDER: Naperville

Sunday, June 9th- 6:30pm (Check-In starts at 6:00pm)
Starting from Scratch - When You Don't Hold all the Cards

Naperville Public Library
3015 Cedar Glade Drive
Naperville, IL 60564 - Naperville is a subgroup of the largest Real Estate Investors Association in Chicago. The best part is that we are #1 in terms of member productivity. Attendance at the ChicagoREIA subchapter meeting is FREE.

At our goal is to Listen, Learn, Share, Grow and Leave The World A Better Place Than We Found It.

See You at the Meeting!
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