• VIRTUAL Real Estate 3-Day Conference

    Online event

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    Our upcoming and life changing event is set for March 12, 13, 14
    Don't just attend, EXPERIENCE the LIVE Virtual Property Tour of LIVE & ACTIVE Properties.

    3-Day Virtual Seminar + LIVE Property Tour: $[masked]-Day Virtual Seminar + LIVE Property Tour + VIP Access- $167.00

    Have you wondered how you too can start small and build a huge business? Some will say it takes money, some will say it takes luck. The reality is it takes heart, knowledge, and the right group of people. If you have the heart we have the knowledge and the right group of people…that all come to learn, grow, and prosper together at the 3-day.

    At the 3-Day you will learn:
    - How to get started laying the right foundation for your business.
    - How to flip and cashflow properties from those who have done hundreds in Chicago.
    - How you can apply our secrets to your business... we are laying out our entire blueprint.
    - How you can start flipping & renting properties this month without any money or credit.
    - How others are doing properties in mass (100+), and how you can learn directly from them.
    You will get to see the real deals on our bus tour...
    - Flip deal with $80k in profit
    - Amazing cashflow deals with over $1000/month in cashflow
    - Rehabbed & pre rehab deals with $30k in profit.

    - Frank Montro (King of South Side- Montro Homes)
    - Gina Diaz (Diaz Case Law)
    - Gary Davidson (Castle Law)
    - Rosario Terracciano (ClickInvest)
    - Joe Mueller (Tanis Group)
    - Juan Loya (HomeBridge Financial Services- Residential Lender)
    - Fidelity National Title
    - Chicago Funding (Hard Money Lender)
    and much, much, more....

    Right now, more than ever, we need the right strategies…But for many of us, these uncertain times have FORCED a lack of movement, travel, networking and growth in our businesses…

    And for so many real estate investors, the last 6 months have been super difficult…It’s caused all types of problems, most of which we had NO control over! It seems like the ONLY thing we can control is how we react.

    But here’s the thing…How We React Is Determined By What We Know...Right? The best part of this event is that you will meet other investors that have actually become millionaires using our investment systems!