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Meet the most active group of real estate investors in Chicago. We eat, sleep and dream real estate. If real estate is your passion, hobby, occupation you are in the right place. We have put together a group of real estate investors on steroids. THIS IS THE MOST PRODUCTIVE GROUP OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORS YOU WILL EVER MEET. We build friends, forge relationships and form great partnerships. In life or in business its about great partnerships. We are a group of passionate, fired up and excited real estate investors. From newbies to long time investors all are welcome. Come learn, contribute, share, partner & grow. Real estate is a team sport and we are helping change lives one home at a time. We have created the most dynamic community of real estate investors in the local area. Our goal is to help contribute in your growth and for our members to be able to help the next generation of real estate investors become even more successful at a faster rate than ever before. Our core value is reflected as follows: "ONLY SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM, TEACH, ENJOY BEING AROUND OR CAN PROFIT WITH". From private lenders, hard money lenders, flippers, cash flow kings & queen we have them all in our band of real estate nuts.

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Reverse Engineer Your Flips (Virtual Meeting)

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Free Live Webinar For Real Estate Investors! The TV shows make it look so easy. You buy an ugly house, fix it up in a week or two and then sell it for a whopping $100,000 profit.But as anyone who has ever tried it knows, house flipping is a lot harder than it looks.And often, the math doesn't add up to a sizable payday when you factor in the time, effort, labor and money to execute a flip. But that doesn't keep people from trying. Flippers face four key challenges: • Finding a good house at a low enough price to make the deal work • Finding reliable contractors to do quality work at a reasonable price • Finding money to finance the deal • Selling the home at a price that will cover expenses and provide enough profit to compensate for the time investedIf location, location, location is the mantra for all real estate, “do the math, do the math, do the math” should be the mantra for would-be flippers. And we mean all the math. For example, if you calculate a potential flip this way: Buy a house for $100,000, spend $20,000 on improvements, sell it for $150,000 and earn $30,000 profit, you clearly haven’t done all the math that’s needed. Topic: Reverse Engineer Your Flips Date/Time: Tuesday, September 22nd / 7:00pm(CST) Register: https://andrewholmes.lpages.co/sept-22nd-webinar-reverse-engineer-your-flips/ Our goal is to Listen, Learn, Share, Grow and Leave The World A Better Place Than We Found It. See You on the Meeting!

Starting from Scratch (Virtual Meeting)

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Whether you’re a beginner just getting your feet wet, or you already took that leap into your real estate investing career this meeting is for you. We are going to dive deep on what it really takes to start from scratch in the real estate world. How can you gather all the information and pieces to the puzzle in a short period of time. Much like the stock market, in real estate we’re always sulking and waiting, ready to pounce on what we believe is the perfect time to jump into the market. I’m here to tell you --- don’t keep waiting. You can spend the next few years waiting for the perfect time. You must take action – any kind of action, it just doesn’t matter which kind. Topic: Starting from Scratch Date/Time: Thursday, September 24th / 7:00pm(CST) Register: https://andrewholmes.lpages.co/sept-24th-webinar-starting-from-scratch/ Our goal is to Listen, Learn, Share, Grow and Leave The World A Better Place Than We Found It. See You on the Meeting!

Single Family Vs. Multi Family (Virtual Meeting)

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John Casmon is a real estate entrepreneur, who controls a portfolio worth over $58 million as a general partner. He started by house-hacking a duplex and now partners with investors to purchase apartment buildings through his firm, Casmon Capital Group. He is the co-creator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, a no pitch event to connect like-minded investors. John also hosts the weekly real estate podcast, Target Market Insights, where he speaks with specialists across the country to uncover the best emerging markets, marketing tips and investing insights. With a background in marketing, he has overseen campaigns for General Motors, Nike and Coors Light amongst others. John was even recognized by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the “Top Executives in Advertising and Marketing”. Topic: Single Family Vs. Multi Family (Virtual Meeting) Date/Time: Thursday, October 1st / 7:00pm(CST) Register: https://andrewholmes.lpages.co/october-1st-webinar-single-family-vs-multi-family/ Our goal is to Listen, Learn, Share, Grow and Leave The World A Better Place Than We Found It.

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Best Strategies for 2020 (Virtual Meeting)

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