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What is the Chicago Real Estate Group? It is a place where you network with active investors and industry professionals. You find out about local markets and how other investors are making money. You learn about deal-making from A to Z. There are many exciting things in store for the real estate industry. Are you poised to take advantage of all the opportunities before you?

We strive to create and promote an atmosphere where real estate investors can combine their resources to gain a comprehensive understanding in real estate investing. This is where real estate investors and industry professionals meet to make things happen in Chicagoland. You never know until you start networking and posting what this group can do for you.

If you are a wholesaler bring your deals to the community.

If you want to be a landlord write down your criteria and let the group assist you on finding you your cash flowing units.

If you are looking for resources let us know which ones and lets help one another.

If you have questions about investing then post it to the group and lets help one another get ahead.

Robert Kiyosaki said it best "People who are high-level investors are not concerned about the market going up or going down because their knowledge will allow them to make money either way."

Smart investors shift where the market is shifting and continue to make money.

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