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Lunch and Learn Webinar

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Use the Advantage of INDEXes even If a WHERE Clause Contains an OR Condition

Bartosz Jabłoński
Lecturer / Analyst, Warsaw University of Technology / Citibank Europe PLC

About the Presenter
Bart is presenting this topic at SGF2019 in Dallas.
He is a leader of the Polish SAS User Group with excellent SAS Skills.
We are happy he has accepted our invitation to speak!

Paper Description
The advantage of an indexed Base SAS® engine's data set is that when it is queried with a WHERE clause, the process might be optimized and the index subsetting works faster than a sequential read. Unfortunately, the Base SAS engine is unable to use more than one index at a time to optimize a WHERE clause. Especially when the WHERE clause contains an OR condition between two different (indexed) variables, the Base SAS engine does not optimize it and executes a sequential read. This presentation offers a simple, hash table-based solution to the following question: How do you handle a situation in which you have a WHERE clause with the OR condition on two different indexed variables and you want to use the advantage of indexing to subset the data faster?

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