SAS Global Forum 2020 - In Person Event Cancelled.

Chicago SAS® Meetup
Chicago SAS® Meetup
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Needs a location


SAS Global Forum in Washington DC is Fast Approaching. Its not too late to register and attend.

We highly encourage you to consider attending.
Let us know if you are going.
We typically organize and gather informally at SASGF and other events.
This year I will be attending and presenting.
In past years we have a good group of members of our local area attending SASGF and presenting!

SAS Global Forum is a separate event that we do not organize.
It is an event with its own fees, rates etc.

The following are other events by other groups.
There are other events happening in our larger area:
Regional Conferences:
2020/05/10 PharmaSUG San Francisco CA
2020/09/09 WUSS San Diego CA
2020/09/13 MWSUG Pittsburgh PA
2020/10/23 PharmaSUG RTP NC
2020/10/25 SESUG Savannah GA
2020/11/01 SCSUG San Antonio TX

Neighboring Events:
Our local neighboring group in Wisconsin is holding a One Day Event.
This team puts together a great one day event/conference.
2020/06/18 - Wisconsin SAS Group - Milwaukee WI

Key Dates:
2020/02/20 - MWSUG Call For Papers - Open
2020/03/28 - SAS Global Forum Washington DC
2020/04/05 - MWSUG Call For Papers Closes
2020/05/10 - PharmaSug US Conference - San Francisco CA
2020/06/15 - MWSUG Registration Opens
2020/06/18 - Wisconsin SAS Group - Milwaukee WI
2020/07/20 - MWSUG Papers Due
2020/08/20 - MWSUG Hotel Rate Ends
2020/09/04 - MWSUG Regular Registration Rate Ends
2020/09/09 - WUSS Conference San Diego CA
2020/09/13 - MWSUG Conference Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2020/10/23 - PharmaSUG - One Day
2020/10/25 - SESUG Conference Savannah GA
2020/11/01 - SCSUG Conference San Antonio TX
2021/04/19 - SAS Global Forum 2021 Las Vegas NV

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