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Weekly Live Chat: Inside Info on the latest Mobile App Technologies & Trends
Every week we do a live chat where we cover some of the most cutting edge mobile app technologies and trends, as well as some of the most unknown things about mobile apps that are really game changing features or ways to use those features. We're a pretty relaxed group at ThinΛpp, comprised mostly of entrepreneurs, native Chicagoans and other professionals. And we are also about to announce a multi-billion dollar partnership that will validate that we are as cutting edge at apps as we say, starting in Aug 2018. We do sometimes hold physical meetups too. If you’re interested in getting on the invite list, find us on Instagram at @thinapp and DM us your email and/or phone # or comment @ us. PHYSICAL THINAPP MEETUPS We'll also provide complimentary refreshments and probably give the group a general overview of who we are and what role we see Mobile Apps playing in the immediate future of the world (with cited articles and events/occurences that most people may not be aware of). This will be super short and we'll mostly leave things open for people to just ask us questions or express thoughts that they may want to confirm or have us elaborate on. Later this week, we plan to post an outline as well as a sort of blog or web series outlining and documenting all the Meetup Events, as well as some exclusive online videos and events centered around mobile app secrets - that way it'll serve as a sort of repository where new members can always look to in order to catch up with everyone else - or where members who may have missed a Meetup can look to see what they missed. Very quickly, everyone will have a much more comprehensive and complete idea of mobile apps.

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If you're interested in learning tons of secrets about mobile apps from a more overview type of perspective (we'll also do break-outs for more specific topics) then you should join this Meetup. It's hosted by one of the fastest, boldest, most innovative and revolutionary technology companies in the world that specializes in world class website, web app and mobile app design & development technology, ThinΛpp Solutions LLC

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90% of the mobile app developers and designers out there either don't know half of what they claim, half of what they should or are flat out lying to people - and everything you'll learn as a member of this Meetup will easily and definitively prove it. We'll show you tools, online services, frameworks, code, examples, real working mobile apps and in-house proprietary tools and systems that easily prove every claim we make - so you can begin to learn the truth.

In addition, we'll cite real articles and things that famous companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are doing (and working on) that will give you an in depth insight into where things are likely going with websites and mobile apps as a whole.

We'll cover everything from back-end programming secrets to front-end secrets - and we'll do it in a very casual, visual, hands on way that's easy for anyone to understand. Some of the other things we'll cover are:

iOS (ie. iPhone/iPad) Development, Swift, XCode, Objective C, Android Studio and Java, Google Play, App Store, App Store Search, App Monetization, Website Monetization, IAP (ie. In-App Purchasing), Mobile E-Commerce, Stripe/Paypal/Authorize integration, UI/UX, Conversion Mechanics, Back-End Development (ie. RESTful API), Back-End Mobile PHP, LAMP Stack (ie. Linux Apache MySQL PHP), SSL vs EVSSL (and how to get a free one), Security, Responsive HTML, Bootstrap, etc.

Once we get enough members (10+) we'll announce the first meetup place and date. Chances are, most of them will be around Streeterville or River North in the beginning.

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