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You are a lover of adventure ready to take on the next level of your own existence!

You have a beginners mind and not squeemish with up close & personal topics.

You are someone ready to let go of what has been holding you back. (really ready or you 'll be waisting your's mine and the groups time)

Each Meetup ....you will embark on a journey into the center of you.

Your host will guide you through a series of mental, emotional and spiritual terrain to get to the peak of the subject at hand from a higher perspective with soulutions to the ail of the hour.

You will become proficient in holding space for yourself and others, expand your relationship with you, the world and the universe if you dare!

Succulent Embodiment Experience....

A breath by breath conscious quandary in letting go ever more still!

Becoming a member is the discovery of the ART of BECOMING YOUR GREATEST SELF!

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REQUIRED ATTENDANCE FOR ... ! REFRESH ~ S O U L Sanctuary ~ EMBODIED ! THIS IS A WEEKLY WELLNESS Event. Please RSVP each week. ZOOM online event : Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked] $20 Venmo per screen - Starlight -DAmour as you RSVP. Lovely to make your acquaintance. It would be my pleasure to meet with you to introduce myself and share what I consider The Sacred S O U L Sanctuary where time and space are mere ideas and the source of all intelligence connects. Your S O U L is your inner Shaman, SOURCE Intelligence. As your Host, I lead you on a group SOUL led Journey as we tap that S O U L Source INtelligence complete with visuals of the energetic recalibration within you and Dream like scapes harmonizing your Biofield, refreshing your experience in NOW time. It is not uncommon to feel deeply relaxed and tingly as Results are in now time. Integration of the energy shifts may take a few days to a week. It's a great way to keep your in your high vibe groove. Intrigue is a great place to begin this journey of the wild at heart. What is it like to meet your soul? You NOW have been invited to the opportunity of a lifetime. I shant bore you with details as the mind is not invited. THE Call Is to the Adventurist longing to quench its thirst. No bathing suit required to dive in these Deep waters. Just Lend an ear or two for an hour or two and let the S O U L Trip Begin! Kick Back Relax Allow for your mind to be blown to great heights. Like a beach comber, bare feet a must. Infinite breath the vehicle. Bring: pure water to swig on demand, Pen and paper for S O U L notes. Attire: an attitude of gratitude Location the comfort of your mindless presence, noWHERE HERE NOW. RSVP Fee: $20 paid - Venmo per screen - Starlight - DAmour Please Feel Free to invite a friend or two! I'm Honored to Serve you in this way. IT ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK. This realm we will encounter is Sacred and is to be respected and revered as such. MEET YOU SOON Beautiful S O U L S! *Please pay heed to the questions below we will begin promptly at 7:10. ZOOM online event : Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked] REMEMBER... to be completely embodied the Roots and Branches not only the Trunk are included.

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