What we're about

You are a lover of adventure ready to take on the next level of your own existence!

You have a beginners mind and not squeemish with up close & personal topics.

You are someone ready to let go of what has been holding you back. (really ready or you 'll be waisting your's mine and the groups time)

Each Meetup ....you will embark on a journey into the center of you.

Your host will guide you through a series of mental, emotional and spiritual terrain to get to the peak of the subject at hand from a higher perspective with soulutions to the ail of the hour.

You will become proficient in holding space for yourself and others, expand your relationship with you, the world and the universe if you dare!

Succulent Embodiment Experience....

A breath by breath conscious quandary in letting go ever more still!

Becoming a member is the discovery of the ART of BECOMING YOUR GREATEST SELF!

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