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If you're interested in the four tenets of stoicism and how to live a good life, this group is for you.

We will discuss the basics of stoicism, how philosophy can guide your life, and other intellectually stimulating topics.


See you soon!

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Wisdom + Morality + Courage + Moderation: How do you live the 4 stoic virtues?

Hey Stoics! During our last meetup, we talked deeply about our ideas of "SUCCESS" and how they have changed over the years. Hot off that topic, our next meetup will dive into the 4 Virtues of Stoicism: 1) Wisdom (Prudence) 2) Morality (Justice) 3) Courage (Fortitude) 4) Moderation (Temperance) Read more here: https://donaldrobertson.name/2018/01/18/what-do-the-stoic-virtues-mean/ The pursuit of these virtues is what matters. We will all fail and fall short in this pursuit, but getting up and trying again is what builds strength and resilience. If you are well versed in these ideas, please come share your experiences. If you're hearing them for the first time, come be illuminated to a deeper level of Stoic thought. Either way, I can't wait to see you all! Best, -Martin

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