What we're about

Are you an ambitious tech star, IT wizard, or SaaSy manager looking to grow your career?

Hiring in Chicago is hot -- and no matter which side of the table you're on, interviewing skills are some of the most vital areas for professional development.

This group is a practice arena to improve your interviewing/hiring skills so that you can hire and retain peak performers... and know how to set yourself up for the career opportunity of your dreams.

Success in Chicago Tech depends upon your ability to join and grow your team. It doesn't happen alone. It's collaborative.

In our group we'll practice skill growth in the following areas:
- Emotional intelligence
- Strategic awareness
- High-performance communication
- Interviewing for impact
- Bringing fun and joy into work
- Overcoming interview awkwardness to build trust and credibility
- and much much more!

Join our group if you want to grow your career in Chicago Tech!

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