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Drums may be mankind’s oldest instrument. We have found drums made with alligator skins from Neolithic cultures in China dating back to 5500–2350 BC. Other drums likely predated humanity itself, with modern macaque monkeys and even rats using percussion for social communication. Some form of drums are part of every human culture known today.

Almost as old as the invention of drums was the invention of clothes. It was our ancestors that started the habit, using animal skins to help them survive bitter winters and even ice ages. Like drums, clothing also became a means of social communication - mostly as a means to communicate rank or status, or to show membership in a tribe or culture.

In a world that is being split apart over class disparity and tribalism, nudity is the great equalizer. Any man or a woman without their cloths looks very much like any other. There is no conservatism, or liberalism, and little to distinguish wealth or status.

The purpose of this group will be to celebrate our humanity by sharing in an activity from deep in our history. By removing our clothes we will, for a time, set aside the things that divide us and join back together in the human tribe. The music we create will be organic with no master plan, and each drummer helping to shape and direct the music of the community.


• This is a place of welcome. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of background, body shape, or musical experience.

• This is a place of safety. There will be zero tolerance for harassment or stalking behavior.

• This is a place free of body shame. Comments on appearance will likely be interpreted as harassment. (see above)

• This is a place of kindness. Be good to one another, and look to build each-other up.

• This is a place of trust. To be naked is to be vulnerable, and that vulnerability must be appreciated and not exploited.

• This is a place of participation. This is not a group for spectators.

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