What we're about

This group is for women searching for supportive, empowering, long-lasting friendships. Maybe you are going through a "rough patch", feeling isolated, or lacking supportive relationships. Or maybe you are simply struggling to develop genuine friendships. I think we often focus much of our energy into caring for everyone and everything else BUT ourselves. This group is for ANY women seeking a community of women to love on them, accept them, value them, and help them develop spiritual and personal growth.

This group will have regularly scheduled fun events and events will remain small in order to foster genuine relationships. Please only request to join if you have the time to invest <3

As a heads up, events will primarily be duirng the Spring/Summer months until a co-organizer is appointed. Please reach out if interested in an admin position!

Due to COVID-19, in person events are temporaility postponed- feel free to reach out to me if you're in need of extra support/friendship during this uncertain time. I look forward to seeing everyone's faces soon.

Past events (7)

Diva Dance Class

Performing Arts Studio

Diva Dance Class

Performing Arts Studio

Rooftop Puppy Yoga

Whiskey Business

Zumba in the Park

Millennium Park

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