What we're about

I have wanted to join a regular book club for a while but have struggled to find one in my area and/or that matches my schedule so I thought this year I would make an attempt to start my own

I live in Streeterville but work in Hyde Park and would be happy to host a regular meeting at either location --

I am mostly interested in reading current fiction but would love to hear other suggestions and/or read and discuss other genres

I think to start this would be a women's group (mostly because the book groups I have been in before have functioned that way) and I would hope that while attending every single meeting would not be the expectation that we would be able to form a group with consistent attendance so that we become familiar with each other which I hope will lead to more and more nuanced conversations about the book

I hope that we could meet monthly and that we could land on a regular meeting time each month to make it easier for people to commit/rsvp in advance

I am open to a Sunday meeting time or a weekday evening -- right now a meeting on either Monday or Thursday would work best for me if we we wanted a weekday time

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