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Welcome to the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club! Dual-sport, dual-purpose and adventure bikes are motorcycles that are capable of traveling both on and off-road. The purpose of the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club is to promote interest in dual-sport riding, organize dual-sport rides for club members, and organize social events for club members and families. Why should “bikers” have all the fun? This is a great way to meet riders of all levels of experience and participate in organized rides and outings. Safety takes priority on every ride that is organized through this site and it is important that every motorcyclist adhere to all applicable laws and ride within their ability.

This is a social club of independent riders who use Meetup.com to organize group rides and social events. New members at all levels of experience are encouraged to join. Sign up and come ride with us!

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Hatfield McCoy Trails WV

Needs a location

Last minute HFMT trip west viginia if anyone might be interested in meeting up there. We can ride Buffalo Mtn and Rockhouse $50 permit to ride If anyone finds any interest on this trip I'll add more info. Or text me Timing is so late im not expecting much response Staying at Blue Goose Saloon, HFMT, Matewan WV

Ride the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

Rabbit Ears Motel

Details This trip is thru MotoRide Tours (www.motoridetours.com). We will be meeting in Steamboat Springs, CO on Saturday July 27th at the Rabbit Ears Motel where we will be having dinner and spending the night. We then head out from Steamboat on Sunday the 28th, arriving at Cortez, CO on Thursday, August 1st and heading back to Steamboat on Friday the 2nd. All the details can be found on the MotoRide website. Sign up and registration for the trip will be also through the MotoRide site.

Back to the twisty roads of Southwest Wisconsin!

Needs a location

Two days or more of riding the twisty roads of Southwest Wisconsin. Our leader lives in LaCrosse and knows the roads well. Book a room at the Prairie Inn in either Holman or Onalaska, Wisconsin (Some websites give one town, some give the other)or secure a campsite at Wildcat Mountain State Park. You will need a room or a campsite for the evenings of the 28th 29th and 30th. You will want to make your reservations sooner rather than later. It’s a popular area. We will meet Monday morning 9am, July 29 at the Prairie Inn and begin our ride. I imagine most will be leaving Wednesday, July 31 in the morning to head home. This is a ride for all bikes, big and small. The ride will be on all pavement! If someone wants to organize an offroad portion of this trip, go for it!

Northern Wisconsin Adventure Trail


!!! BOOK MOTELS ASAP !!! One of Cannonshot’s 1,000 mile dual-sports! This route takes in some of the best dual-sport riding in Northern Wisconsin. This is a true “dual-sport” in that it runs on some tight and twisty ATV trails; dark forest roads; fast, graded forest highways; and two-lane paved county highways. Cannonshot’s Ride Description (get GPS tracks here): https://advrider.com/f/threads/northern-wisconsin-adventure-trail-nwat.794579/ Bike Requirements: Mid-Size Dual-Sport with 100+ mile range, knobbie tires, plates, Wisconsin OHM Stickers (https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/ohm/) Bikes outfitted with crash protection and off-road tires in the 250cc to 500cc range would be ideal for this ride. A skilled and athletic rider may be able to get by on a 700cc thumper, but the trail as specified in Cannonshot’s tracks is often too gnarly to be enjoyable on larger dual-sports. (Don’t feel like all the fun belongs to the little bikes - I will schedule a multi-day adventure ride at the end of the summer for big bikes.) CDSR Ride Report from 2013: https://advrider.com/f/threads/cdsr-members-ride-the-nwat-may-2013.906444/ Cannonshot’s Ride Report: https://advrider.com/f/threads/northern-wisconsin-adventure-trail-nwat.792871/ Day 0 - Arrive in Mountain, WI Unload bikes and shakedown on roads around Mountain. Get together for dinner with the late arrivals. I will ask if we can leave vehicles parked at Spur of the Moment Ranch. Overnight: Spur of the Moment Ranch. Bunkhouse is $125 + tax split amongst the group (max 8 persons, after that we need to rent one of the cabins for more people) Day 1: 270 miles to Boulder Junction, WI American Legion - Northern Highlands SF Overnight: Boulder Junction Motor Lodge Day 2: 228 miles to Ashland, WI American Legion - Northern Highlands SF, Deadhorse Run (wet), Mt Vahalla Overnight: Ashland (Quality Inn) Day 3 285 miles to Woodruff, WI Mixed difficult trail and road Overnight: Woodruff (Quality Inn) Day 4: 187 miles to Mountain, WI and then home Mixed riding What You Need: - GPS with maps and tracks loaded - Tool kit and spares - Means for moving gear (e.g. dry bag and ratchet straps, Giant Loop, etc.) - Gear for 50s to 90s + wet weather gear - Tick prevention (e.g. DEET on neck and cuffs, Permethrin on all clothing) - Reserve your own motel rooms and work out your roommate situation

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