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Welcome to the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club! Dual-sport, dual-purpose and adventure bikes are motorcycles that are capable of traveling both on and off-road. The purpose of the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club is to promote interest in dual-sport riding, organize dual-sport rides for club members, and organize social events for club members and families. Why should “bikers” have all the fun? This is a great way to meet riders of all levels of experience and participate in organized rides and outings. Safety takes priority on every ride that is organized through this site and it is important that every motorcyclist adhere to all applicable laws and ride within their ability.

This is a social club of independent riders who use Meetup.com to organize group rides and social events. New members at all levels of experience are encouraged to join. Sign up and come ride with us!

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GPS Training Session - Sponsored by Chicago Region BMW Club

Windy City International Cycle

The Ride Leaders from the Chicago Region BMW Club are excited to announce they are hosting a workshop at Windy City International Cycle in St. Charles, IL! They will be presenting basic information on planning routes using Garmin Basecamp as well as a variety of other programs. You will also learn how to get routes added to your Garmin GPS so that you may use them for motorcycle travel! All of your questions will be answered accompanied by hands-on assistance with the Garmin GPS units.
Please bring your cell phone, laptop, and GPS unit so that you can gain the most from this hands-on workshop!
Refreshments will be provided.
6:30 pm - Doors Open

7:00 pm - Workshop Begins
Limited seating available, tickets are FREE!

You MUST register through the ticket link in order to attend.


Woodstock H-D/KTM Head for the Hills RIDE !

Woodstock Harley-Davidson

Are you heading to Hugelandshaft the weekend of June 3-5 this year? Did you know that Hugellanshaft means "hilly countryside"? What a great name Terry Gerken has given to his ride. If you have not signed up for it yet, do not hesitate. It is a great ride and and an opportunity to meet up with friends, both old and new. The event is also listed on this meetup page.
Why not get the weekend off to a great start by joining us for breakfast at Woodstock H-D/KTM then off on an Adventure ride to Galena. Doug Jackson from Woodstock is generously sponsoring breakfast Friday morning AT KTM WOODSTOCK, and dinner at the event at Palace Campgrounds Saturday night.
We will leave Woodstock around 10 AM after breakfast and ride some asphalt to Rock Cut State Park then head south towards Freeport and begin hitting some gravel roads all the way to small town of Loran. The route will wind southwest where we will take in the sites from Mississippi Palisades State Park before heading north along the river. After an optional loop around Lake Galena we will finish up at Palace Campgrounds to join up with the Hugellandshaft crew. All total we are looking at about 160 to 200 mile day (if adding the Lake Galena portion).

Hugellandschaft Adventure Ride June 3-5, 2022

Palace Campgrounds

It’s baaack! Version 7.0 of the Hugellandschaft Adventure Ride. A two-and-a-half-day big bike friendly Adventure ride amongst the Driftless area of three different States. The magic happens June 3-5, 2022. Both Sunday and Saturday tracks will be in the 180–200-mile range with an optional 80-mile track for the people who like to take off Friday and are looking for somewhere to ride that afternoon. Camping, track start, Saturday evening feast and general meetup spot is once again Palace Campground in Galena Illinois. Lots of electric sites, a few cabins and they will never run out of tent sites. The campground boasts plentiful shower capacity, clean restrooms and a swimming pool that came in quite handy during last year’s unexpected heat. You are in charge of procuring a site so make your reservations by contacting them here; https://www.palacecampground.com/ Each track will include elevation changes, sporty pavement, maybe a water crossing or two, gravel and dirt roads. Lots of scenic opportunities and I do believe I can work in a few more miles of those awesome Iowa Level B roads. Morning coffee, Saturday evening meal, questions answered, campfire, sticker disbursement as well as any track transfer duties at site 89. Galena has numerous lodging options nearby if you are not a camper, Google can help you out. The town of Galena has many entertainment opportunities if you are looking for something to do beyond motorcycling. This is an informal gathering of like minded enthusiasts for the sole purpose of enjoying life. You are riding at your own risk and needless to say we are all involved in a very risky hobby. That is OK, just respect the assumed danger. Do your best to be self-navigated, it is a skill that will reward you many times over. Lest you think otherwise please be aware that there is next to nothing as far as organization. You ride at your pace, go when you want, eat/drink what you want and be kind to everyone you contact. Because I had the uncomfortable conversation last year, I will warn those concerned in advance. Sorry, the Saturday evening meal will have no vegan options. The entrée is pork, the baked beans contain ground beef with bacon and take a guess what helps put the “crunch” in my signature crunchy pea salad? That’s right, bacon. The vegan crowd will have to bear that in mind. I can’t be all things to all people. I will post the tracks once I am comfortable with them which trust me, won’t be until around the week before the event. Attendance has been growing and we all make great friendships and share lasting memories. You can also learn more and obtain more frequent updates at this ADV Rider thread; https://advrider.com/f/threads/hugellandschaft-adventure-ride-june-3-5-2022-nw-illinois.1528140/ See you in June my friends!

Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route (MABDR)

Location visible to members

Planning to ride the MABDR in June. Hope to go with and meet up with other riders along the way.

These are my dates:

5-June: Drive to WV Cedar Hill F. B&B
6-June: Ride Dragonslayer,KY-> Damascus,VA
7-June: Ride Section 1
8-June: Ride Section 2
9-June: Ride Section 3
10-June: Ride Section 4
11-June: Ride Section 5
12-June: Ride Section 6
13-June: Ride Section 7
14-June: Ride Section 8
15-June: Ride Section 9, end in PA, camp
16-June: Ride to WV Cedar Hill F. B&B
17-June: Drive to Wisconsin

Anyone is welcome to join me. I’ll be driving to WV using an F150. If you have a trailer we could take that as well. June is one of the busiest times on the MABDR, because the weather is most favorable. I’m mostly camping and flying by the seat of my pants. Not committing to mileage or activities along the way just yet so that I can be flexible. This year I’ll do the MABDR. Year 2023 I’ll be doing the NEBDR. 2024 I’ll move onto the COBDR and so on…

I’ll be riding an F800GS and trying out some Motoz tractionator Rallz tires.

Hope you can join me on some or part of the adventure ride.

Jesse Swift

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