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Welcome to the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club! Dual-sport, dual-purpose and adventure bikes are motorcycles that are capable of traveling both on and off-road. The purpose of the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club is to promote interest in dual-sport riding, organize dual-sport rides for club members, and organize social events for club members and families. Why should “bikers” have all the fun? This is a great way to meet riders of all levels of experience and participate in organized rides and outings. Safety takes priority on every ride that is organized through this site and it is important that every motorcyclist adhere to all applicable laws and ride within their ability.

This is a social club of independent riders who use Meetup.com to organize group rides and social events. New members at all levels of experience are encouraged to join. Sign up and come ride with us!

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Rough sketch!! THIS IS A RIDE FOR ALL LEVELS ! Looking to ride 100 miles mostly gravel. Lunch on the road. You can come camp at my place the night before or show up by nine to leave at 9:30. Yes, rolling by 9:30. Or you can be ready to ride in the small town of LORAN by 10 am KICKSTANDS up.... Full of curves, hills, nice vistas & more. Can also camp that night (after the ride) at my place, ride home or trailer home. Campfire & camaraderie ! Any size street legal bike will work. Also the more fuel you carry the better. We will not be much more than 25 miles from fuel....usually. Questions ? ASK AWAY ! Address of Menards is to give you an idea of of proximity to my house. For any new to me riders I will send an itinerary out Friday after 6pm with my address & other info. Menards is NOT where we start from.

West Viginia HFMT, Buffalo/Rockhouse.


What we'll do Come ride the HMT's in WV. For 3 days of heart pounding fun! Will be riding Buffalo Mtn out of Williamson Wv, and at least one day at Rockhouse out of Man. Skill levels vary the full spectum, but will stay within groups level. There are plenty of single track but planing on staying on easier single tracks on Buffalo Mtn.(or not)? Trail rides average 40 -60 miles per day. If your energetic. 110 mile enduro ride is possible from Buffalo mtn to Rockhouse on! Outlaw trails are sometimes more fun. Staying at ‭Mountaineer Hotel Hotel in Willamson.‬ Your in charge of making your own reservations. Tell Edna you'll be there with Bill. Rooms start at $65 + tax for single. Double occupancy is 75 + tax. King size bed is 85 +tax. Single rooms are usually abundant. Double and king go fast so reserve now. MountaineerHotel.com 31 E 2nd Ave Williamson, WV 25661 ‭+1 (304)[masked]‬ Most resturants are within walking distance. Hmt permits are $50 and are usable for all their trails for the year! Trails are rocky, sandy, wet and muddy and dusty. Temperatures usually 65-80 degrees in April/May. • What to bring Boot dryers are a plus! Over the boot pants are preferred to keeps boots on the dry side. • Important to know Dates above reflect 3 days of riding. Williamson is a 9 hr drive and 560 miles away. Big dual sport bikes maybe at a disadvantage on these trails, depending your experience, but paved roads here are still the cats meow with hair pin turns!

Renfro Valley dual sport


https://www.usdualsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2019-Renfro-Valley-Dual-Sport-Flyer.pdf Heres a sample https://youtu.be/3EQ0gi07ny8 Im leaving Friday May 3 Ride is Saturday and Sunday. Check you tube for video of the trails. I heard its good singletrack

Swinging Bridges of Missouri - Scenic Gravel Ride

South Outer Road

Ride hosted by Missouri DS club. I met some fellas from MO last year when I was at St. Joe's and they recommended it. Click attend here so I know you are going and I'll add you as +1s to their ride page. Otherwise you can add yourself on their advrider thread below. https://advrider.com/f/threads/2019-missouri-swinging-bridges-ride-may-4-5-2019.1367986/ If you are not a member of advrider (and refuse to be) you are fine just being one of my +1's. Xiola_Blue is my forum name, FYI. This is a Scenic Ride of mostly Gravel and Dirt with some trail. Almost all COULD be done on a bigger bike but I only have the 350 so it will have to do. Here's some historic info on the bridges. Note that they are disappearing rapidly , so get on this ride to see them while they are still swingin' - http://www.millercountymuseum.org/bridges.html The main tracks and options are about the same as previous years, which is 250 miles on main Saturday route (can be more with options), and 207 miles on main Sunday route. There are shortcuts for both days. On Saturday, you lose a lot of the good stuff on the shortcut IMHO, as it skips all the stuff down by the Current River. The Sunday shortcut is also after the bridges and lunch, and is simply a more direct, but still scenic, route back to the hotel in St. Clair. A great option for those who need to get back on the road to head home Sunday afternoon. Start in St. Clair, MO. Early Saturday morning. See below for the Friday night Hotel info if needed. Folks can leave their vehicles there for the weekend even if they are not staying there on Friday night. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast in the morning to get you going. They have been gracious enough to allow us to park there even if not staying there. Make sure you have someone to ride with that has a GPS....also Self sufficiency is the Key to Success....tubes, tools, GPS, Maps, snorkels, etc..... I plan on leaving McHenry around noon Friday and staying at the hotel Friday night. It's about 6hrs from me. We check out and leave from the hotel Saturday morning. I will pack a light change of clothes and a toothbrush in my backpack for Saturday night's stay. Then when we get back Sunday I plan on crashing at the first hotel again to get a fresh start home on Monday. There are shortcuts for both days that will get you back earlier. So if you want to head back to Illinois Sunday afternoon you can. I suppose I might head back Sunday depending on how I feel. Fuel Stops.....I would make sure you have a 90 to 100 mile range, if not plan accordingly. Or ride with a friend who has a big tank and carry a siphon hose. My 350EXCF is probably good for 90+ but I plan on bringing a Gatorade bottle of go-go juice just in case. Sunday - definitely stop at the Church Picnic in St. Anthony. If you leave about 8 am or so from the hotel, take a little time at the bridges...it works out to get there when they start serving lunch at 11:00 am....Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, all the fixins, and Pie. Maybe even a train ride! Definitely worth the stop for some good eats, and there are very welcoming to us riders! Friday Night Hotel- May 3 Budget Lodging 866 S I-44 Outer Road St. Clair, MO[masked] Mention the ride when you make reservations to get a special discount on your room of $10 off whichever type of room you pick. You may be able to do better with another discount you are eligible for, so might be worth checking. Saturday Night Hotel -May 4 Best Western Montis Inn, 14086 State Hwy Z, St Robert, MO 65584. Phone number is[masked] When you call them make sure you mention the ride to get the special SBR room rate of $64.95 and change. You can cancel 24 hours in advance if you can't make the ride. Go to the ADVRIDER thread linked above for more info. This is the 12th Annual run for them. They have links to previous year's threads, videos, and .gpx tracks. I love scenic & beautiful countryside it would be great to represent CDSR with a few of you.

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