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Welcome to the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club! Dual-sport, dual-purpose and adventure bikes are motorcycles that are capable of traveling both on and off-road. The purpose of the Chicagoland Dual-Sport Riders Meetup Club is to promote interest in dual-sport riding, organize dual-sport rides for club members, and organize social events for club members and families. Why should “bikers” have all the fun? This is a great way to meet riders of all levels of experience and participate in organized rides and outings. Safety takes priority on every ride that is organized through this site and it is important that every motorcyclist adhere to all applicable laws and ride within their ability.

This is a social club of independent riders who use Meetup.com to organize group rides and social events. New members at all levels of experience are encouraged to join. Sign up and come ride with us!

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REALLY PEEPS ! HOOKIE NOW !!! SEEMINGLY OUR LAST CHANCE to ride in a temperate condition... WOW!!! WOW WOW ! Another 45+ day...MID DECEMBER !! Let's take advantage yet again ! We meet at NOONish & ride until 4-5 ish, If you have a street legal bike then you are good. YOUR BIKE NEEDS to be INSURED & or street legal ! NO EXCEPTIONS ! I NEED a copy of your insurance in my hand if you are NOT street legal. There is a 4+ mile loop for smaller displacement bikes, single track with small jumps, logs, hills & creek crossings. Large bikes there is a 2+ mile basic loop that has some ruts, dips, small jumps . There is a 1+ mile NEW soybean course . This is a loop system on private property, there is a bathroom, as well as an area to rest. Any questions ? Post away ! If you are new to my ride then i will send out an itinerary Wednesday evening! We do NOT meet at Menards. Menards is just a reference point for your timing. THIS IS ALWAYS CONTINGENT ON THE WEATHER ! Though a very nice 40+ it will be perfect with your gear on.


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AHH you got excited for a posted ride did ya ! WELL THEN TIME TO STEP UP TO THE KEYBOARD ON YOUR BIKE !! THERE is NO obligation to post a ride except to say HEY " I'LL MEET YOU THERE". Then there will be TWO of you at the event that you posted! This could be a ride out on a gravel road, scooting around in an urban environment, PRACTICING FIGURE EIGHTS in a parking lot. Set up obstacles with Gatorade bottles .. posting a back undeveloped area lot venue ! Street ride to get lunch at a FUN PLACE !! We have a number of dual sport bike events in Northern Illinois ! We have 1,200 members plus ! NO REASON we cannot support the SYSTEM !! HELP the sport help these venues...... ROCKY GLEN, BONG, BYRON & FOX VALLEY. There are others so, lets get out & get dirty !! MEGA TRAX !! Ride when it is thirty. Snowmobiles do ! Hmmm they dress for the cold. We have several members who ride 300+ days a year commuting & for fun .. Try to ride at least one good ride EVERY month of the year. This has kept me riding year round just to get 12 months or more in a row. I have gotten as many as 56 months in a row ! The members that can help have ORGANIZER under there names & actually i will make you an organizer if you have gone to at least one event this 2020 or previous years.. There are 100+ Organizers to reach out to help you set up an event. It is step by step simple though if you need some guidance, then reach out to one of us (organizers) or post questions on this posting & we can walk you through the simple process TO POST A RIDE. YOU CAN PROPOSE A ZOOM MEETING on a pertinent subject, trailers vs hitch haulers..Tubliss, Moose vs tubes. Safety gear, boots, ride parks. SPEAK LOAD as this is YOUR GROUP as much as any of us. NEED YOUR HELP BUILDING CDSR BETTER YET !! HAVE FUN & A SAFE ONE !

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