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Obtaining Quality Photos and Video Content for Your Blog


Obtaining Quality Photos and Video Content for Your Blog

Video and photos are excellent for engaging your audience and also can boost your search engine optimization (seo) results as well. Obtaining good quality pictures and videos are not so easy if you're not a photographer or videographer.

So how do you get fresh new photographs with lifting copyrighted pictures from Flickr, Google and Bing search engines?

Here are a few ways to get original content we'll explore:

Hiring a Paid Intern from and other websites to create photos and videos for your website and blog Posting Freelance Requests on College and University Job Boards to find students who major in photography and video to do spot assignments for your blog and website How to Establish Relationships with Freelance Videographers and Photographers Learning to make pictures and videos by taking introductory classes from places like and other instructional resources that can teach you basic video and photography Properly tagging your photos and videos for maximum search engine optimization (seo) And More Your blog or website home page must have a video or slider images of photographs to catch the eye of vistors and engage them in your content. Learn the basics of obtaining quality images, engaging videos and share your experiences while connecting and sharing with members.