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Hey Everyone,

Our next meeting is at Third Coast Comics in Rogers Park on Loyola University's Lakeshore campus. Also note the date change!

This is a change from our usual place but Prairie Moon is moving locations so this is what we are doing.

There are scheduled to be 3 or 4 sessions running and we can accommodate a good number of folks:

They are primarily run by:

Terry - Pathfinder (3.75 D&D)
Anthony - 5th Edition D&D
Rebecca - 3.5 D&D

If you wan to run a game contact me via my profile page and let's see what we can do.

Players - Bring dice and an open mind.
Bring characters too, if you like but we have pregens. The types of characters are mentioned on the group message boards but you can imagine a decent spread to choose from.

Please try and remember that Third Coast Comics is public place. They are pretty excited about having us too so lets remember the rules:

1) Arrive as close to noon as possible (makes it easier for your DMs)
There are quite a few food options on the block or in the area so it's probably fine if you get there early but maybe not before 11:30am

2) Terry owns the comic shop be he is not your maid, your mom or your personal cleaner. It's a shared space so clean up after yourself.

3) Be considerate (I define considerate very broadly)
Imagine also that your mom is watching. Show up with all of that in mind and you'll be fine and all die rolls will probably be 18 or better.

Every time I shower I feel like I can roll critical hit at will on you guys! I'm may even shave for meetup!


Third Coast Comics is just South of the Loyola Red Line station. It's also very accessible by #36. #155, #147 buses and probably one or two that I have missed.

I THINK street parking is free on Sundays BUT you can also park in the neighborhood.

Finally, there are Three parking garages on campus. One is above the CVS.

The second and preferable, is the Fordham Garage. The driveway is directly to the North of the same building TCC is in. It will lead you behind the building and into a covered garage. I'd recommend parking on the 3rd floor.
The garage costs $7 all day. You pop out of the garage right next door to TCC pretty much.

The third garage is on the interior of Campus at Sheridan and Kenmore (I do not recommend this one as it's sort of a pain to get to the shop from that lot if you don't know what you're doing. It's scenic but not preferable.

See you guys soon!