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Hey Everyone,

Our next meeting is at Prairie Moon in Evanston.

There are scheduled to be 3 or 4 sessions running and we can accommodate a good number of folks:

Brightbanner: Dying Earth meets Song of Fire and Ice is run by Terry

Continuing a new chapter in the Kingdom of Brightbanner, now with 2nd level goodness.

Having found an etched magical box and a Count who is not always himself, the party heads off to some Ashen Isles to discover the boxes origins and hope to not wind up ex adventurers so early in their 2nd level careers.

Old School Forgotten Realms goodness by Bill

Yeah I was pretty excited when I saw it but Ed Greenwood lives when i comes to Bill games. He might even show up with prop weapons again.

There 's room for a 3rd game so anyone interested in running it should contact me and I'll update the page.

Players - Bring dice and an open mind.
Bring characters too, if you like but we have pregens. The types of characters are mentioned on the group message boards.

Please try and remember that Prairie Moon is public place. They really like having us too so lets remember the rules:

1) Arrive as close to noon as possible (makes it easier for your DMs)
Some folks get there around 11:30 to order lunch.

2) We don't have a server really so order at the bar.

3) Be considerate (I define considerate very broadly)
Imagine you're going to hear a talk by a great writer in a nice restaurant. Imagine that there may also be future employers present who love gamers. Imagine also that your mom is watching.

Show up with all of that in mind and you'll be fine and all die rolls will probably be 18 or better.

Every time I shower I feel like I can roll critical hit at will on you guys! I'm may even shave for meetup!

See you guys soon!