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Want the experience of Essen SpielTage but can't get there? Well, this is your chance to sample the freshest and the newest games before they hit the market here in the US. This special event will include new, unreleased boardgames, a lunch buffet, and a RAFFLE!

John and I work the SpielTag in Essen, Germany every year, and bring back over 50 new games and expansions every time. We can guarantee that you will see titles that we generally never bring to Meetup or that won't be released for many months yet in the US, if released at all! Just check out the list at the bottom for specifics on what we will bring with us.

Don't know what Essen SpielTag is? It is the largest, strategy boardgame convention in the world that takes place in Essen Germany every October. Many game titles that you probably know and recognize are released first at Essen and wander over to the US between 2-8 months later.

Cover Charge --> There will be a $18 cover charge for this event, payable in person when you arrive. Cash only please.

BUFFET: Much like our special TableTop event last March, this event will have a cover charge of $18, which will include a lunch buffet. The lunch buffet will run from 12:00 to 1:30 pm and will have:

- mini cheeseburgers
- veggie quasadillas
- turkey wraps
- house salad
- chicken fingers
- french fries
- unlimited soda and water

RAFFLE: You will also get at least one raffle ticket for some hot Essen titles that we will raffle off at 4:00 pm. We will also have separate ticket buckets for different games, so you can increase your chances of winning a game you really want! In addition to at least three Essen titles, we will also clean out any new, sealed games we have here at our house just to share the love!

What will we bring?



Games (47!):

• Cornish Smuggler, Steam Park, Bremerhaven, The Capitals, Madeira, Legacy: the Testament of Duke de Crecy, Theseus: the Dark Orbit, Palmyra, Letnisko, Ace Detective, SOS Titanic, String Savanna, Shadows Over the Empire, Dig Mars, Om Nom Nom, Hollywood, Hanabi Deluxe, Kohle & Kolonie, Archon: Glory and Machination, Agora, Expedition: Northwest Passage, Yunnan, Lewis & Clark, Bruxelles: 1893, Space Sheep!, Going, Going, Gone!, Mush! Mush! Snow Tails 2, Quantum, Coal Baron, Ramage!, Rokoko, Ka-Boom!, Mauna Kea, Castaways, Concordia, Nations, Colonialism, Russian Railroads, Glass Road, Caverna, Sukimono, Witch's Coming, Sushi Draft, Patronize, Eggs of Ostrich, Koryo, Tash Kalar

Expansions and Promos (14):

• Tzolk'in: Tribes and Prophecies, Tzolk'in: Tribes and Prophecies, Ek Chuah, King of Toyko: Halloween, Snowdonia: Daffodil Expansion, Terra Mystic promo, Steam Park promo, Zooloretto: Iberian Lynx, Airlines Europe: New Bonus Connections, Power Grid: Tax Collector, 7 Wonders: Louis, Stevie, and Estaban, Masqueade: Damned and Usurper, Amerigo: mini expansion 1, 2, & 3, Speculation: replacement dice, Coup: Reformation, and about 5 other random little things



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