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“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” - Unknown

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” - Robert Frost


Do you love Hiking and Adventures?

Welcome to the Chicago Hiking, Outdoors, & Social Meetup Group. We strive for adventures, fun, and friendships. This group is for people who enjoy hiking, being outdoors and meeting new people. We feature hikes for all skill levels, canoeing, camping, biking, social gatherings and other outdoor activities. These events are a great way to get out, meet people, and smell some fresh air. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to contact the Organizer or post them on “ideas for meetup” on the calendar page. Most of the activities are pretty tame, but any participation in this group is at your own risk. If you want to meet fun and adventurous people, this group is for you. Come join us. It will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Adventures are closer than you think!


Get Involved:

We need Assistant Organizers and Event Hosts! If you don't see your preferred activity listed or a hike on your side of town, please volunteer by contacting the Organizer! You might be surprised just how many people are looking to do the same activity that you are. Other ways to volunteer would be a Greeter (Greet new members as they join the group.) or Monthly News Letter Editor (Write articles for a Monthly News Letter to be published on the message board.). We welcome Event & Group Sponsors who need some publicity for a great price!

Why not become a Hike Leader?


Monthly Photo Contest:

We are having a Monthly Photo Contest. You have 1 month to upload your favorite photo. At the end of the month, the Assist Organizers will pick the top 12. We will then have a poll for voting on these 12. The members will be able to rate each picture from 1 to 10 rating. The photo with the highest ratings at the end of this month will win. This photo will then be used as the open page picture for following month. The only thing you receive are bragging rights.

Upload January Photos Here: https://www.meetup.com/ChicagoHOS/photos/799681/
Please name the photo and leave a comment about the photo.

So why not amaze the rest of the members with you photography skills?


100 Miles Club and 200 Miles Club:

Are you looking for a Goal to reach? We have two clubs for you. You join the 100 Miles Club when you reach 100 Miles hiking a year with this group only (Chicago Hiking, Outdoors, & Social Meetup Group). You join the 200 Miles Club when you reach 200 Miles hiking a year with any Meetup Groups (Windy City Hikers, this group, etc.). Your Meetup Names will be posted in the About Section in this group.

Let’s start counting those miles!


Dues and Fees:

There are no membership dues to be part of this group. For prepay events, we will sometimes add up to three dollars, normally 1 to 2, to the payment to help out with the Meetup.com monthly fees.

For other events, example hikes, we suggest a 1 or 2 dollar donation at the start of the event. This is totally voluntary. No records will be kept for who donates and who doesn’t.

If you want to make a voluntary donation. Go to the top of this page and click on "Pay Online". Enter the amount you would like to donate. Donate any amount you like. This will be paid with Paypal.

We would personally prefer if people would donate their time as an Assistant Organizer or Hike Leader versus making a donation of money. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you!


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Please support Outdoors Meetup Groups!


See you on the trail!


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Upcoming events (4+)

Be a Better Birder: Birding and Technology (Virtual Presentation)

Link visible for attendees

This meetup is brought to you by the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

Join us to learn about technology that can be used to enhance your birding experience.

Register at: https://FPCCBirdandTech.eventbrite.com

For more information visit: fpdcc.com/events

Bird Walk: Eggers Grove

Eggers Grove

This Meetup is presented by the Forest Preserves of Cook County. You will meet Forest Preserve staff onsite.

Join a naturalist as we explore a preserve while looking for local birds.

For more information visit: https://fpdcc.com/event/bird-walk-7/2023-03-25/

Hike Raceway Woods, 6+ miles, with shorter option 3 to 4 mile option

Raceway Woods Forest Preserve

This hike features some groves of evergreens and allows us to see some green during a brown foliage season. There are some surprising elevation changes so please be prepared. Shoes with good traction recommended.

Even though its not prime mountain biking season yet, this parking lot fills up quickly. Please allow extra time in case the lot is full. Abundant overflow side street parking is available 1 block to the north on "Gentle Breeze Terrace".
Overflow Parking here will require crossing route 31. Its a two lane road but a busy one. It can be crossed safely with caution. There are no pedestrian crossing signs nor pedestrian marked walks here.

Hike 1:
Expect between 3.5 - 5 miles. Exact mileage details are to be determined. Please check back. I will update it when I review the route again. There are a multitude of trail options and I'm switching them up from what I did before.

This will be an intermediate hike on unlevel surfaces on mountain bike trails with some inclines and declines.
I'm going to borrow my fellow hike leaders' expression: "This is not a beginners hike". But it will be slower pace due to inclines, declines, unlevel surfaces on single track trails.
Poles not required but may be helpful in some areas. I don't recall any mud during the 4 times I've hiked it.
We will return back to the lot.
Leave or continue on for some additional easy miles.

Hike 2:
3.75 miles. Saving the easy one for last. Flat concrete asphalt surface that goes around the perimeter of the preserve. Portions hard packed dirt, no mud, not quite as scenic as hike 1.

State route 31, Carpentersville. We are meeting at the entrance right off of route 31. Its 1.6 miles north of route 72 (Higgins road or Main street).

There are multiple parking lots. If you see a giant 30 foot tall white can shaped structure then you are in the correct parking lot.

If the lot is filled, there is street parking 1 block to the north of the entrance. The street is "Gentle Breeze Terrace" and unlimited side street parking lots.
You will have to cross route 31 but its only 2 lanes of traffic here.

Where to meet
Meet by the picnic tables under the shelter. We will start walking by 9:10.

This is a popular area with locals! Lets get a hike in before it gets jam packed with mountain bikers.
This is an area where people can easily get separated from the rest of the group.
Therefore I will walk a bit slower than usual and stop to wait up for those at the end.


Walk & Talk- Red Gate Woods: 3

Red Gate Woods

Hosted by the Forest Preserves of Cook County. Walk & Talk Hikes are for the curious mind who want to know more about the Forest Preserves and natural areas. These hikes will be led at a slower pace with frequent stopping and interpretation. 3 miles.



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