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Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 October 2012

The 24-hour marathon of horror returns this October with new thrills and chills! With special guests Sybil Danning and Jeff Lieberman scheduled to appear!

The Music Box Theatre is a beautiful and historic cinema on Chicago’s Northside known for being Chicago’s year round film festival; a haven for fans of foreign, independent and art house film… most of the time. For one 24-hour period in October, the Music Box welcomes fearless moviegoers (or inmates as we like to call them) as it is transformed into the…


See below for a list of films currently scheduled.

(All films and guests are subject to change.)

$30 from 8/15 – 9/15 only 350 available at this price!
$35 from 9/16 – 10/12 only 220 available at this price!
$40 day of show * only 80 available at this price! Available at the door for day of sales only!
Films include:

Sat 13 Oct, tba
The Burning

directed by Tony Maylam starring Brian Matthews, Leah Ayres and Brian Backer

A campground caretaker is horribly scarred by some teenagers’ prank gone wrong. He goes crazy and uses the campground to kill campers in brutal fashion. This is the uncut version!

Sat 13 Oct, tba
The Golem

directed by Carl Boese, Paul Wegener starring Paul Wegener, Albert Steinrück, and Ernst Deutsch

A rabbi in 16th-century Prague creates a creature from clay, called The Golem, to protect the Jewish residents of Prague from persecution.

Sat 13 Oct, tba
Child’s Play

directed by Tom Holland starring Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon and Alex Vincent

A serial killer puts his soul into a doll, which is then given to a little boy as a present. You know what happens next…

Sat 13 Oct, tba

directed by Don Coscarelli starring A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury and Reggie Bannister

Mike, a young teenage boy, and his brother, face off against a grave robber known as Tall Man, who is reanimating dead bodies as slaves.

Sat 13 Oct, tba
The Deadly Spawn

directed by Douglas McKeown starring Charles George Hildebrandt, Tom DeFranco and Richard Lee Porter

A meteorite crashes on Earth, with aliens hitching a ride. After devouring some campers, they head to the nearest town to devour more humans…but not before four teenagers try to stop them.

Sat 13 Oct, tba
Blood Diner

directed by Jackie Kong starring Rick Burks, Carl Crew and Roger Dauer

Two brothers own a diner in which they kill their customers to use in their recipes.

Sat 13 Oct, tba
Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf

directed by Philippe Mora starring Christopher Lee, Annie McEnroe and Reb Brown

The world is full of werewolves and they are trying to take control! A group of werewolf hunters go on a mission to kill Stirba, Queen of the Werewolves. Will they survive?

With Sybil Danning in person!

Sat 13 Oct, tba

directed by Jeff Lieberman starring Don Scardino, Patricia Pearcy and R.A. Dow

An electricity storm brings earthworms to the surface, where they begin eating the local townspeople.

Tickets $30 until 9/15