Bob Paulin Presents: What's My Modularity?



Since the inception of the JAR modularity has been a big reason why developers have chosen Java as a development platform. In Java's 20 year history never have there been so many different types of modularity options to choose from. From OSGi, to Docker, to JavaEE Microservices/SOA and finally the upcoming Java 9 release with the promise of Project Jigsaw. This session will discuss the different types of modular architectures available for Java applications as well as the benefits and the tradeoffs for each one. Are you looking for pure speed? Automatic scaling? Programer productivity? Selecting the correct architecture is fundamental in creating technical ecosystems where application development can move quickly and independently.


Bob Paulin is an independent consultant and speaker that has been developing with open source software for the past 10 years. He’s presented at large international conferences such as ApacheCon, JavaOne and local user groups such as CJUG (Chicago Java Users Group). Bob is actively involved in the Chicago developer community as the CJUG President. As a passionate open source advocate Bob donates his off cycles to Apache Felix project as a commiter. During his on cycles Bob helps his clients perform modular development/design, automation for continuous delivery, and build forward leaning web applications. When not coding, Bob enjoys coaching football, robotics, and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.