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Heather VanCura and Charlie Hunt Present: Hacking on Java 9

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Bring your project and run it on Java 9 EA with fellow CJUG members! See if the performance improvements Charlie Hunt spoke about in January with compact strings improves memory footprint and throughput on your project. Charlie will be there for anything that breaks (no pressure). Java 9 is targeted for release for March 2017 but that doesn't mean you need to wait until next year to understand how the new features might benefit your projects. Also learn how to take part in Java technology evolution through the Java Community Process (JCP) program run by Heather Van Cura. You can participate as an individual, corporation, or nonprofit such as a Java user group (JUG). This session gives you step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the JCP Program. You will also learn about the global Adopt-a-JSR program and how you can participate in the Adopt-a-JSR program through CJUG. Find out how you have contribute to the future editions of the Java Standard and Java Enterprise Editions.


Heather VanCura

Heather VanCura leads the JCP Community and Program Office. In her role she is responsible for the day-to-day nurturing, support, and leadership of the community. Heather oversees the web site, JSR management, community building, events, marketing, communications, and growth of the membership. She is also a contributor and leader of the community driven Adopt-a-JSR programs. In 2014, Heather became Spec Lead for JSR 364, Broadening JCP Membership, as part of the ongoing JCP.Next effort. Heather is passionate about Java and developer communities. She enjoys trying new sports and fitness activities in her free time.

Charlie Hunt

Charlie Hunt is currently a JVM Engineer at Oracle leading a variety of Java and JVM projects who primary focus is on reducing memory footprint while maintaining application throughput and latency. He is also the lead author of Java Performance, published in 2011, and co-author of the Java Performance Companion, which is due to be available in early 2016. He can also be seen as a regular presenter at the JavaOne Conference where he has been recognized as a Java Rock Star. Prior to leading a variety of JVM projects for Oracle, Charlie held numerous performance positions including the Performance Engineering Architect at, and HotSpot VM Performance Architect at Oracle and Sun Microsystems.
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