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John Cairns Presents - Smashing Atomics: Concurrency in Java

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Conversant Disruptor is the highest performing BlockingQueue implementation in the world. The Disruptor approach has materialized in an era of proliferation of multithreaded design. Multiprocessor architectures have necessitated a rising level of concurrency awareness for the typical Java developer. It has never been more important to understand machine cache architecture, the Java memory model and the concurrency approaches at hand in the Java language. Bio:

John Cairns is a high performance Java specialist and mentor at Conversant, Inc. John brings two decades of programming experience in extreme volume environments covering both web serving and financial exchanges. John created the open source Conversant Disruptor, in part to demonstrate that Java is every bit as fast as static compiled languages. As a leader, John focuses on continuing education, mentorship and continuous improvement in software systems.