Josh Juneau Presents: Java EE 8 Recipes



Learn important features targeted for the release of Java EE 8 through a number of examples, using a hands on approach. The examples are presented in a Problem, Solution, and How it Works recipe-style format, correlating usage of the APIs to real-life scenarios. The examples presented showcase new features of Java EE 8, as well as mature Java EE features. Recipes cover a variety of APIs from JSF to JPA to WebSockets, providing an overview of Java EE 8, along with examples using APIs together. The talk explains server-side resources using Payara Server.

Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of some of the most important features of Java EE, including what to expect from the upcoming Java EE 8 release.


Josh Juneau works as an application developer, system analyst, and database administrator. He primarily develops using Java and other JVM languages. Josh is a technical writer for OTN and Java Magazine, and has published titles for Apress. He has authored a number of books on Java, Java EE, and other topics. Josh is currently authoring the upcoming Apress title “Java 9 Recipes”, which will be published next year.

Josh is a member of the NetBeans Dream Team, and has served on the JavaOne Content Review Committee for multiple years. Josh is a JCP Expert Group member for JSRs 372 and 378. He is an advocate of the Adopt-a-JSR program, and helps to lead the initiative for the Chicago Java Users Group. You can reach him through his Twitter handle: @javajuneau