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Lightning Talks

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Mary G. and Freddy G.


'Tis the season for us to gather as a community and to celebrate the ideas or show-and-tells that you, our most valuable members, would like to share with everyone.

Lightning talks are about 5 minutes long, but we're really an easy bunch so no harm if you go a little over. We're open to all JVM languages or JVM themes. Don't have a topic? No problem! Talk about something you learned in this year thus far, or maybe something that you plan to learn in the near future! Come and be a part of it!

See this article with tips from Martin Fowler ( about giving lightning talks.

Please submit your topics to:

Speakers (as of 12/1):

Matt Sicker: Monads in Java 8

Paul Nauman: An Update on Building a JVM in Java

Dan Gleeson: How Developers Throw Away Knowledge as they write code

Freddy Guime: Java Data Structures (and pitfalls)
8th Light Chicago
25 E. Washington, Suite 509 · Chicago, IL
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