Bruno Souza Presents: 3 steps for an amazing Java career


We are thrilled and honored that Bruno, the "Brazilian Java Man" and Java Champion, will be making a stop at the Windy City as part of his USA 2018 JUGs Tour this April! You will find Bruno's knowledge in the Java and Open Source world, and his passion in building up strong and sharing community to be very inspiring.


3 steps for an amazing Java career: Open Source, Community and Sharing


Not everyone has a career. Many people have jobs. Some have hobbies. Others, just dreams... Software development is a special area, that it is possible to combine our job, hobbies and dreams, into a profitable path to success. This presentation will demystify the concepts around open source, community and sharing. We will learn how we can effectively participate on those activities even when we lack time and support from our companies. Find out what are the mistakes developers make that reduce the effectiveness of those initiatives and correct them. Join us to understand why those 3 steps bring career success, and build a detailed plan on how to make it work for you.


Since 1995, Bruno helps Java developers improve their careers and work on cool projects with great people! Java Evangelist at ToolsCloud and Leader of SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society, Bruno discuss Java and the Software Developer Career in his project.