Josh Juneau and Bob Paulin Presents: OSS @ CJUG


OSS @ CJUG is the rebrand of the Adopt-A-JSR program. With the rapid changes in the Java Space Josh Juneau and Bob Paulin have decided to expand the pie to all Open Source to cover everything from Oracle JSRs, to Eclipse JakartaEE, to projects in the Apache Software Foundation. Come learn about new and old open source and how to get involved.

Apache Tika

Interesting in contributing to a framework that was instrumental in helping crawl the Dark Webs[1] and bust money launders in the Panama Papers[2]? Bob will be covering Apache Tika the framework that turns binaries into text. Come learn the basics and how to get started contributing so you to can make a positive impact with Open Source.

Jakarta EE

The Java EE Platform is widely used throughout the industry for development of enterprise applications, small web applications, services, and more. Over the past several months, much has changed within the Java EE landscape. Oracle had announced last year that Java EE was to be open sourced and handed over to the Eclipse Foundation under the EE4J project. As the transfer of the Java EE APIs, TCKs, and documentation is taking place, the Jakarta EE brand has been created as the new home for Java The community is anticipating that Jakarta EE 1.0 will be in parity with Java EE 8.In this session, we will walk through the EE4J and Jakarta EE projects, providing an understanding of what they are, the current status of the open source transfer, and how you can get involved. You'll learn how to pull down and begin using the APIs that have been open sourced, thus far, and what you can do to to help out. Since Jakarta EE 1.0 will be in parity with Java EE 8, a simple service will be created to demonstrate the strengths of the platform. Join us in this new open source initiative, and learn how you can help to shape the future of Java in the enterprise and on the web.