Josh Juneau and Bob Paulin Presents: OSS @ CJUG


Our dynamic, in-house OSS experts - Josh and Bob - are back this summer to show you how you can become contributors to the Apache Maven and NetBeans projects - with live coding!


Apache Maven

When was the last time you used javac from command line? Meet the powerful and always opinionated Apache Maven. Learn to contribute to Maven by building plugins. Wait isn’t that super hard? Find out for yourself by watching Bob live code one during this session …. with tests!

Apache Netbeans

In 2017, Oracle open sourced the NetBeans IDE to the Apache Software Foundation. The first release of the IDE under the Apache NetBeans 9 name is about to occur, and it contains all of the infrastructure to develop Java SE applications, although existing plugins can be installed to add on functionality for developing in other areas, such as Java EE. In this session, we will take a look at downloading Apache NetBeans and building from source. We will also look at making changes to the sources in order to extend or alter the functionality of the IDE. In the end, you will be able to follow along with the open source project and begin contributing to Apache NetBeans.