CJUG Office Hours - August 2018

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Need help with a project? Would you like a second pair of eyes to dig into that tricky issue you’ve been facing? Or do you just want to hang out with your laptop and some people after work? We’ve got just the thing for you! Introducing CJUG Office Hours! We always have an 0ptional Group Project going on in case there aren't a lot of questions from the group.

Optional Group Project: Interview skills! Everybody has to interview for a job at some point, and it can be stressful. Come get some advice on things to learn, how to approach problems during an interview, and work with your interviewer to land that perfect job.

Office Hours are hosted after work. Every session will have at least one aide in attendance for the full session. The purpose of these sessions is similar to that of a ‘coffee and code’ - connecting with people who want to work on personal projects, get a code review, or just hang out. There is no set format and you may come and go as you please.

Current Aides

Nick Demianchuk

I started my Java journey in 2016 after I graduated in Ukraine. Now I am a Software Developer primarily focused on Core Java and Design Patterns, striving for performance and maintainability. Currently, I am discovering JVM-related technologies and frameworks and would like to share my knowledge with others.

Lamar Smith

I started working with Java in 2014. I currently work in the financial services industry. Previously, I've worked in the e-retail and digital advertising industies. I've worked on and helped design high throughput and highly resilliant systems that leverage cloud-based microservices. Things I can help with:

- Core Java
- Spring
- Logging
- Gradle/Maven

Janine Patterson

I started with Core Java in the financial field in 2008, with a main focus on high performance, low garbage collection, and binary data interchange formats like Fix/Fast. Since then I’ve moved on to microservices architecture and cloud platforms. I can help with:

- Core Java
- RESTful API’s and Swagger
- JPA, Hibernate
- Gradle
- Cloud Foundry, Heroku

Todd Ginsberg

I’ve been working with Java since 1995 and currently work for a payments company. In the past, I have worked in finance, telephony, and advertising. I have developed a wide range of systems and frameworks in Java and other JVM languages. Areas I feel I can contribute to:

- Core Java
- Kotlin
- Spring Framework
- Code reads / reviews
- API and systems design
- Debugging


When/Where will office hours be hosted?

Office Hours will be hosted once a month from 6:00 - 8:00pm. Each session has no set agenda, feel free to come and go as you please.

Who should attend?

Office Hours are targeted at

- anyone who like a code review or help with a coding issue
- anyone who would like to collaborate on a project
- anyone interested in java related technologies
- anyone who just wants to hang out

I’m interested in becoming an Office Hours Aide. What do I do?

Thanks for volunteering! Please send a short intro to [masked] and [masked] with the subject ‘Office Hours Aide’ and the following information:

- 3 sentence personal bio
- 3-5 technologies and/or areas you can help with
- session(s) you are available for

** What to bring **
A government issued photo ID for building security.