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Jedi Book Group - Living the Martial Way by Forrest Morgan

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For this book club, we will be meeting at the Chikara Martial Arts Academy dojo. If you need a ride, say so in your RSVP and we'll make sure you get there.

We will have a 3-part series on an excellent book - Living the Martial Way by Forrest Morgan. This book is a inspiration to people who not only want to train in the martial arts, but live the martial arts in their daily lives. It is an accounting of how a person views the world around them and how they interact with others, having the mindset of a "Martial Artist"

The use of this book as it applies to Living the Jedi Way is that we see being a Jedi not only as something we admire or enjoy to do, but part of a daily way of life. It is simply who we are. Morgan shows how a person interacts as a warrior in the world at all times. Not just in the dojo - Or the Jedi Temple.

The second part of the series will deal with "The Way of Honor." You need only read chapters 6 through 8. We will cover "The Way of Living" in April.

After the discussion and interactive powerpoint we may utilize the dojo space and do some lightsaber work. So bring a lightsaber if you have one. We willl almost certainly find a place to get a bite to eat.