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ChicagoRuby: Downtown - Not an Intro to Git & Testing Done Good

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How Git Changed My Workflow and Other Miscellaneous Tidbits
Matt Polito ( says: Who wants to hear another beginner or internals git talk? Nope, not me. So I'm not going to give one. I'll chat about how my workflow has changed since git and I entered into wedlock. Also some small little bonus info nuggets that will hopefully help you too.

Testing Done Good
Noel Rappin ( says: Who wants to hear another talk about why you should test? Not me! So I'm not gonna give one. I'll chat about making your tests awesome and less frustrating.

About Noel
Noel Rappin is a Senior Consultant at Obtiva ( A Rails developer for five years, Noel has spoken at RailsConf and WindyCityRails, and is the author of Rails Test Prescriptions (, from Pragmatic, and Professional Ruby on Rails from Wrox Press. He blogs about testing at (

After most downtown meetings we head over to Elephant & Castle (185 N. Wabash) for refreshments & fellowship. Join us for a few minutes if you have time.

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Please use your real name when you RSVP for downtown ChicagoRuby meetings. Reason: We are required to give a list of all attendees to the security desk prior to the meeting. If the name on your ID doesn't the match the name on the RSVP list, then Aon security ( will not let you in the building. Sorry for the inconvenience, but those are the rules of the Aon Building.