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What we’re about

This is a different kind of singles group oriented toward non-religious people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientation, and gender. Whether you call yourself an atheist, agnostic, bright, disbeliever, freethinker, humanist, nonbeliever, pastafarian, rationalist, secular humanist, skeptic, "spiritual but not religious," or simply were not raised in with an organized religion and have no interest in one, you are welcome to this group! This group is open to singles from all around the Chicago area and suburbs, because we'd like to see events scheduled throughout the Chicago area. In order to accomplish that goal, we're looking for assistant organizers who can suggest places to meet or activities local to their area. Please contact the organizer if interested. We would also welcome advertisers and sponsorships from restaurants, bars, or other locations that might be good for meeting. For non-members with questions about the group, please use the "email me" link at the left under the organizer's name.