Summer Bocce Ball Tournament


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Throwing balls toward a target is the oldest game known to mankind. The Egyptians played a form of Bocce with polished rocks. From Egypt, the game made its way to Greece, eventually to the Romans who then introduced it throughout their empire.

And as Italians came to America, so did Bocce. Today Bocce is not just a game of immigrants or the very young and old but now is a game for young people to get together. Bocce is a perfect game for socializing; a cold drink in one hand, a ball in another and competing with your friends. Plus no experience necessary and no need to go the gym for Bocce!

Our summer Bocce tournament starts August 11th at Kaiser Tiger, an incredibly looking bar near the west loop. Besides a Bocce court, it has corn holes, foosball and a beautiful beer garden. And of course they have amazing beers too.

Register now as we will limit the tournament to 50 players. Don't miss out on Chicago's most fun Bocce ball tournament!

Grab your ticket here:

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