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ChicagoVeg Outreach is an extension of ChicagoVeg (http://www.chicagoveg.org/) – Chicagoland Vegetarian, Vegan, & Raw Food Community that brings together people who chose being vegan/vegetarian for variety of reasons (for the sake of the animals, environment, personal health/health of their loved ones).

The mission of the ChicagoVeg Outreach is to enable members make a positive difference by educating others that we can all live happy and healthy lives following vegan/vegetarian diet. We know there are numerous benefits of plant-based diet: health benefits, ethical reasons, and ecological advantages. Here is a small but compact list of some reasons: Why Veg (http://www.chicagoveg.org/pages/Why_Veg). ChicagoVeg Outreach will provide the opportunity for members to turn their knowledge and compassion into actively educating the public.

Three factors that make the ChicagoVeg Outreach different:

ChicagoVeg supports a non-judgmental environment where everybody is welcome to join in the outreach meetups regardless of their diet, lifestyle, or philosophy.

The focus of the outreach meetups will be on what we support, not what we are against.

Our outreach meetups will be focused on delivering our message and having an additional social/fun time for the participants.

This group is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, animal, health and environmental activists; or anyone who supports them to make the difference around us and in the world! "Think globally - Act locally!"

Please watch for our upcoming events to participate in raising consciousness in our community. For any questions, suggestions, or if you would like to help organizing ChicagoVeg Outreach events please contact the group Organizers (http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoVeg_Outreach/Suggestion)


Upcoming events (1)

Volunteering to make the Pro-Vegan Billboard a reality

Whole Foods Market

- PLEASE READ THE MEETING DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU RSVP - This meeting is a ChicagoVeg planning session for the Pro-Vegan Billboard project and to determine events for the next few months. This is NOT a social event; rather, it is a Business Meeting for those who are interested in getting involved to support our community and promote a plant-based diet. We welcome anyone to our team who would like to make a difference! During this meeting we will focus on: • Pro-Vegan Billboard in Chicago • Planing events for next few months • Determining the best the type of the events to focus on • Other organizational issue There are a lot to cover at the meeting - Please be on time. The meeting will be approximately from 5 to 7 PM. Please respectfully do not eat during the meeting. However, you can come earlier or stay after the meeting to eat. Some of us will probably eat after the meeting. Please post in Comments section if any questions/comments or carpooling offers. Thanks in advance for joining us at this meeting to make the Pro-Vegan Billboard a reality! ~ BE THE CHANGE! ~

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