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During lockdown, CHichester Laughter Club has gone online. Join me for any of my regular Zoom meetings held weekly on Saturday mornings 10.30am - 11.30am. These meetings are open to anyone in any area. Message me and links will be provided for joining the meeting.

I've had wonderful feedback from attendees saying that they still feel a great sense of unity in the sessions, proving that laughter and smiles are indeed great connectors. All sessions are offered for free but any voluntary donations are gratefully accepted - scroll down for further details.

Fun sessions for men and women of all ages, using the power of laughter to relax, de-stress, uplift our spirits and re-connect with our inner playfulness. Laughter exercises create feelgood endorphins and other positive changes to our physical and mental health and wellbeing. No previous experience is needed and each session is complete in itself.


NOT a comedy club or a yoga class, we do laughing exercises (known as laughter yoga) to promote unconditional and contagious laughter. Laughter as an exercise is different to the humour-based laughter we are used to, and is an entirely different concept. We perform simple physical actions while doing false laughing. However, with a willingness to be playful and with eye contact with each other, the false laughter quickly becomes real, contagious, and great fun. Our bodies don't know the difference between false and real laughter, so we start to feel great regardless of whether we are faking it or not! Some of the laughing exercises involve some simple basic movements but can be adapted to any level of health and fitness and if preferred can be done seated the whole time.


A session of hearty laughter creates enormous positive changes in our physical, mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing. It can lower high blood pressure; boost the immune system by up to 40%; increase pain-blocking endorphins and cancer-fighting T-cells; relax the muscles and deliver increased oxygen to the body and brain. It also gives us a wonderful delivery of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and positive endorphins that can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, which may stay in our systems for up to 24 hours.

In normal life we tend to laugh only briefly and intermittently but we need to laugh heartily for at last 10 minutes for our bodies to reap the rewards. In a laughter club we get the chance to laugh heartily for an extended period of time, giving us all the above benefits.

Open to anyone from students to pensioners, you can meet others in a friendly fun atmosphere and create positive changes to your wellness and well-being, while having great fun! You will need to wear comfortable clothing and please bear in mind that laughter like exercise can make us feel very warm. Please bring a cushion and, if you wish, something to lie on. A tea break factored in to the 1.5 hour session allows us to chat with and get to know our laughter buddies.


During lockdown Chichester Laughter Club is offering free sessions, however voluntary donations may be made to the Hamblin Centre. Click on the link and select Join/Donate https://hamblincentre.org.uk/


Although laughter is very good for us, in some instances we may need to exercise caution or even abstain altogether. Please read the list of contraindications and cautions at the bottom, and contact me if in any doubt. If you have any other medical condition not listed but which may limit your ability to participate in any way, please contact me to discuss.


During Covid-19 restrictions all sessions are taking place online.

Our physical meeting place when permitted once more, is Hamblin Hall, Bosham House, Main Road (A259), Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 9PJ. Car park adjacant, extra overflow carpark at entrance. Nearest train station Bosham, 10 mins walk.


As well as running Chichester Laughter Club I also give interactive talks/sessions at all kinds of groups including health, support, social and retirement groups; staff training and wellbeing days; private parties; awareness days; corporate events; nursing homes and schools. All these are, of course, happening online during Covid-19 restrictions.


I run Certified Laughter Leader Training weekends regularly throughout the year at Hamblin Hall, Chichester and at Worthing. Spread happiness and laughter in your own community, run a laughter, club, use laughter within your own work or simply come along for a fun-filled weekend with like minded others as a gift to yourself for your own personal growth and well-being.

Training dates and venues scheduled for 2020 but subject to change,due to Covid-19, so please check :

Sat/Sun 14th/15th March - Chichester;

Sat/Sun 4th/5th July - Chichester;

Thurs/Fri 17th/18th September - Worthing;

Sat/Sun 14th/15th November - Chichester.

All £195 earlybird; £250 thereafter


Contraindicated conditions are any kind of hernia; heart disease with angina pain; persistent cough with breathlessness; uncontrolled high blood pressure; incontinence of urine; epilepsy; advanced bleeding hemorrhoids (piles); any bleeding tendencies in any part of the body; severe backache; any acute symptoms of cough, cold or fever; any major surgery within the last 3 months; and being under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.


Those suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure but are stable on medication and can take a brisk walk for 30 minutes without any symptoms can do Laughter Yoga with advice from medical specialists. People who have undergone bypass surgery can also do Laughter Yoga after their stress test is normal. Pregnancy is also a relative contra-indication. Woman with a previous history of miscarriages and also those who are in advanced stage of pregnancy should take medical advice from specialists before doing laughter exercises. People suffering from minor and major psychiatric disorders can participate in a laughter session except those who are not in touch with reality eg schizophrenia and hypermania (manic part of bipolar disorder). Anyone undergoing physical-prescribed medicine or therapy that experiences improvements through laughter should seek the advice of their doctor before reducing dosage or stopping treatment.

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