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This is a group for people who keep chickens (or other poultry) or are interested in keeping them. We will cover all aspects of backyard poultry keeping: Free range or enclosed pens, different types of birds, the laws, breeding, eggs and hatching, egg recipes, and the just plain fun of watching them run around. Come and join us and share tips and experiences, meet other poultry enthusiasts, and just hang out with some very nice folks. Southern CT, Westchester and the Tri-state area are all welcomed!...Kids are welcomed too!

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Connecticut Poultry Breeders Annual Show-2019

Durham Fairgrounds

This is a nice little show and its worth the trip if you are interested in various breeds and showbirds. Here is a link to the book:file:///C:/Users/user/OneDrive/chickens/2019%20CPBS_Show%20Booklet%20-%20Google%20Docs.pdf Since its a smaller setting than the Congress, you can ask a lot of questions there and find various breeders more easily, but don't bother the judges when they are working! There will probably be some sales but try to look any birds you buy over for the obvious issues like mites and lice or runny eyes and raspy breathing. Most breeders are using denaguard prior to shows and birds are super clean, so ask if the sales birds are vaccinated for mareks and if they are on denaguard regularly to prevent mycoplasma. Vaccination is really important. I bought some unvaccinated birds at the Congress and they got mareks here, so I had some sad losses. The babies that I picked up from breeders at congress, I vaccinated here a little late and they have survived, but adult chickens may get a different strain than they are seemingly resistant to and you can't vaccinate them. I've only had luck with very young birds and preferably at 1-2 days old in the brooder. So be aware of the chance you take and introduce new birds slowly to prevent sharing diseases one way or the other.

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2019 Northeastern Poultry Congress!! Jan 18-20 2019!!

Eastern States Exposition

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