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“We are a multicultural alliance, committed to the regeneration of Earth and all Living Beings.”

Our goal is to develop nature-based educational programs and play shops for children and adults in Stevens County. We are committed to creating a fun and inclusive environment for all members, and we support and acknowledge different abilities and the special needs of individuals. We understand that societal beliefs and behaviors can be a hardship for special needs families, and this is a group where all are accepted for who they are regardless of race, religion, diagnosis, way of life, or personal experiences.

We are looking for participants and people with ideas, skills, supplies or locations, and a passion for sharing their gifts for the betterment of the planet and humanity.

Right now, we are working with individuals and organizations that offer group educational programs such as farm tours, eco-ed programs, mindfulness yoga, inspired art and dance, plant identification and gardening knowledge, and other subjects or locations of interest.

One place we discussed as a meeting place for some activities is at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center to use their trails and amphitheater as well as at the Chewelah City Park, both of which we can utilize for arts/crafts/dance and other activities. There are also various churches and non-profit businesses that may also offer their space as a meeting/event location.

As these COEC programs continue to develop, we will be getting in touch with many people/agencies to see what can be arranged and will update you all as soon as possible. If you have any space, skills, or supplies to offer, please contact me here, by email at kellennon@yandex.com, or by landline phone at (509)590-0415.

Thank you!

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/ChildrenOfEarthCoalition

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