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Chinese Calligraphy Practice Class
Our Chinese Calligraphy Practice Classes are held every Tuesday evening. Each class typically begins with a demonstration of a particular technique and subject matter. Our students will then produce at least one Calligraphy of that subject by the end of that class. If you are a newcomer, during your first class our teacher will explain and demonstrate all the basics that you will need to get started. This will include an explanation of the different materials and a demonstration of how you should hold the brush and how to produce the different basic strokes. You will be given the opportunity to practice before producing your first Calligraphy. A course of at least four to six classes is recommended for beginners before they start self-practicing. We provide materials for the classes at the studio. Price: RMB200 per person To confirm your RSVP, please add the following Wechat: jannychyn

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