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Chinese Festival & Ethnic Heritage

We love Chinese festival and heritage in authentic context and learn about them with friends from different backgrounds in small groups.

Our focus is on traditional culture, ways of life, ethnic groups, local history, exotic ethnic textiles and costume, folk music/singing, periodic rural market; as well as unspoiled destinations, mountain scenery, photography and more.

In field visits around Hong Kong, we will meet the most friendly people from the great family clans, Hakka villages, fishing communities and also the Chaozhou and Hokklo groups in old urban neighbourhoods. Expeditions into the remote hills in SW China will bring us to indigenous villages with various ethnic minority peoples from a rich diversity of origins. Sights and sound from photography and multimedia presentation will further complement our understanding and experience from field study.

In addition we are curious about heritage from mother nature as well. Join us to experience the spectacular ancient custom, intangible cultural heritage and natural wonders.

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Deity Guanyin Festival

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