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This intensive day-long writers’ workshop will hone your writing skills, introduce you to debut novelists and award-winning writers, help you to identify the trade secrets that really matter in order to transform your writing and pitch your ideas to a literary agent. The next Trade Secrets event is taking place on Friday 28th April at St. Mary's Parish Rooms in Chippy, and runs from 10.00 oil 17.30, and tea and coffee breaks with cake and includes a hot lunch.

Hannah Kohler is our Trade Secrets debut novelist. Her novel 'The Outside Lands' is an extraordinary tale of an ordinary Californian family swept up by the US war against Vietnam. Her dialogue is pitch perfect, and she clearly ignored the much-given advice 'Write What You Know'. She will be discussing her writing journey from the germ of her initial idea to publication. She will also be sharing her methods of research, and give tips on how to wear research lightly.

Mick Herron’s novels include the Gold Dagger-winning Jackson Lamb series, of which the first, Slow Horses, appeared on the Daily Telegraph’s list of the twenty greatest spy novels of all time. His latest, Spook Street, is out now in hardback. Mick will be discussing the 'rules' of creative writing and how to break them, with specific examples, and will be sharing the most useful advice he has received throughout his career.

Caroline Wood is a literary agent from the Felicity Bryan Agency. She has a select list of literary and high concept fiction authors including a number of top ten bestsellers. She is particularly drawn to novels set in the C20th, stories with a mystery or secret at the heart of them and emotionally engaging stories about family and relationships. Caroline will consider your book blurbs and pitches and give feedback that could help make the difference between manuscript and publication. Attendees will be able to provide up to 250 words about their novel (blurb or synopsis) and the first page (single spaced) to Caroline in advance for her considered feedback and advice.

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