• Ambiance Chocolat

    Ambiance Chocolat


    Often we head over to Ambiance Chocolat in April, instead this year we held a Zoom of Ambience, on missing outings and Chocolate. Now that we are clear for small gathering, I figured we can resume some Chocolate Shop outings. With August being the other A month, Iet's go forward in visiting our favourite Spring Destination for Celebrating New things. Moving forward our ChocoSepts will change, as I decide how to continue our group. First, we are going to be a little more intentional about having a social aspect with enjoying Chocolate, and the cost is moving to $10.00 - kindly share your name ideas! Year 1 these began as Fab and Gabs, Fabulous Chocolate with a Social Gab, over the years I heard many of you value the Social Outing, and I am thinking of continuing the group for this reason. We still will do a Choco Tasting format, we are just unveiling the social. Ambiance Chocolat is a fabulous Boutique with over 30years of experience in producing High Quality Chocolate. Our Spring GoTo for Exquite pieces, and the Joy of discovering new things, in August I thought, why not explore their Custom, In House, Artizan Made, Chocolatey Ice Creams! We are still having 3 Chocolate, but we are partaking ToGo and headed to Socialize at June Rowlands Park. **For new members the $10 comes with Chocolate and Ice Cream.

  • Chocolate High Tea Evening

    T-Buds Tea Lounge

    Once again, it's Tea for Two, or Two Groups, for Tea! Quality people, that make delicious food, hosted by Gary and Me.😉 Enjoy their classic Evening Chocolate Tea, with both Savoury Tea (without sweets), and traditional options... scones, crêpes, sandwichs. Come on your own if you wish, or bring a friend, the choice is yours! Want a peak? Here’s the most recent updated copy of the standard Afternoon Tea and Food Menu: (https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B5Dvx40WoBYWSXNhQk1HSkdmUU0) You can select a more Classic High Tea, or if you wish, pick from a variety of yummies off the menu. While many of us will be having the Chocolate Tea, you are not required to choose this option. Everything on the menu comes highly recommend! Note: This is a Joint Event. Incase you miss it, message Gary to ask him about Joining his Group, they meet for an Evening Tea with Chocolate options typically about once a month.🍫😋☕