Tim Horton's Kit Kat and Chat

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Yes everyone, I saw the KitKat Line at Tim Hortons!😄 Laughing at the fact that we rescheduled our KitKat date, and checked out Bloom, a Local Yummy Cafe last month, then Boom, Canada's Biggest Cafe launches a KitKat campaign. Guessing some additional national hype, while still waiting on the Chocolatory opening, can be fun, and generate a little buzz.

This MeetUp is a Grab what you like, Gab as you please - Coffee Break. Just in case you are not feeling like having a Tim's KitKat Coffee, no worries! It's possible this location may only provide other specialty items, feel completely free to explore.

We are going to relax at the New Tim Hortons Boutique Café, which is Kit Kat optional! Living in the moment, we are going to have a break, stop waiting for the announcement of the Chocolatory, and simply go next month.😉 Be silly, Tim it up with Sophistication, if an excuse is needed to have a break, I'll bring you a KitKat.