Odile at The Mercantile


Guess Who's Back? For all you Odile Chocolat fans I thought it might be fun to swing by the Mercantile for a Hello and Chocolate Treat! Limited time only, that's right Odile Chocolat is Popping Up, and will be at the Mercantile. Yes, in case you did not hear, earlier Odile retired, and now makes truffles, less for business, and more for the joy of sharing her gifts.

Whether you are new member, or have visited Odile Chocolat in the past, come by, as we are causally going for a Meet, Greet, and Choco Eat! Join us and relax, we have no big agenda for the day, other then enjoying some Great Company, and Fabulous Chocolate.

Odile Chatelain, for our newer group members, is often considered to be the cities best Chocolatier that operates in the French Parisian style of Chocolate tuffles. Years ago many people in our group demanded that we change our structure, just so we could accommodate paying a visit to her store! Known for her excellence and commitment to quality ingredients, Odile still enjoys making her Beautiful Truffles.😊 Life is meant to be lived, while Odile Chocolat has closed, the celebration of her work continues.