• Holiday Low Key Hot Chocolatea
    Would you like to get together with us for a Holiday Causal Date? Our plan is to Meet, Chat, and Bake! This meet up is going to be a fun chance to catch up with friends. Instead of a High Tea, come as relaxed as you would like, to our Low Key Hot Chocolatea. Coming together for a Holiday Gab is a nice way to relax, and our aim is a stress free, Nisa & Lisa, baking good time. Your choices of Tea will include Chocolate Chai, Olong Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Spice. Lisa will guide us through making her famously yummy Chocolate Scones. Plus we also will see how to make a ChocoStyle Mini Strawberry Shortcake, and we'll do some dipping. Nisa is going to give us a mini lesson, helping us all make some Chocolate Brigadeiros. Bring a container, as we likely will like have some yummy Chocolate Treats left over to bring home. Nisa will be preparing a special Jamaican Style Hot Chocolate like beverage to warm our bodies up to start. Lisa is making sure we do not hit a Chocolate Overload, and is preparing some little tea sandwiches. **No Baking Skills? No worries! You can still come out to laugh, eat & have fun. Payment can be made by eTransfer to [masked] and you can pay at the door.

    This Meetup is past

    Bracondale House

    707 St Clair Ave WestToronto

  • Chocolate I Love
    Welcome All Lovers of Chocolate, this is Our Second Chat in this Chocolate Series! Earlier we began with a focus on Chocolate Origins, now in this next discussion, our focus will be more on Chocolate Truffles. Know this is not a class on Making Truffles, but is more of an "Enjoying Consuming" style class. People always want to know, what is my Favourite Chocolate? While I do love me some Pierre Marcolini (yes, if you are in Belgium... let a sista know馃槈) truly, I love a variety of different Chocolates, from High End to Kit Kat! My pallet is maybe a little Elite, but really it's about the Yum. November is when typically we attend the Luxury Toronto International Chocolate Show, however, as many of you know, this is not an option this year. Together instead we'll discuss Cocoa vs Cacao and Good Tempering practices. Sharing Chocolate I Love, we are going to learn more, via eating, about Belgian, German, French, and Swiss Chocolate.

    University of Toronto WDW/TYP

    123 St George StToronto

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  • Lion Coffee x Chocolat de Kat
    Yes, for those who have been asking, I still explore newer Chocolate Boutiques in the city! Mostly we have visited all the Chocolate Shops I love, but not all - so for November, as there is no Luxury Chocolate Show, I figured we could do a New spot. Our next ChocoSept takes us to Chocolat de Kat, in partnership with Lion Coffee, this pair creates a prefect outing for these chillier months. What?!! Just in case you are hearing this for the first time, while the Chocolate Festival is still on, this year there is no Luxury Chocolate Show. For anyone still needing to explore New Chocolate Delish, for this ChocoSept we are visiting somewhere new and fabulous! ChocoSepts are our mini $7 Chocolate Outings to explore Chocolate Boutiques, relax, chat, have fun, and learn more about Chocolate. Chocolat de Kat is located inside the new Lion Coffee, where the Artisanal Fine Chocolate Talents of Kata Ambrus, in house Chocolatier, are on display. Several people now ask me to point out which Boutiques also feature Valrhona Chocolate, this is one such location.馃槈 Bringing a splash of flare and fusion this style reminds me of a popular New York City Boutique called "Stick With Me Sweets" usually in high demand when I used to fill orders. We are chatting with Kata for our ChocoSept and enjoying a little bevi, with our choice of 3 BonBon Chocolates in her remarkable line.

    Lion Coffee x Chocolat de Kat

    881 St Clair Ave WestToronto

  • Chocolate High Tea at the Eddie
    For Everyone That's Waited... Yes! We are returning and having a Chic and Choco Eats, dinning in style.鈽 Once again we are off to Victoria's enjoying the High Chocolate Tea at The Omni King Edward Hotel. Keep in mind our aim is a fun time, so come as fancy or as free as you want to be, it's a relaxed afternoon, you are free to come as casual, or as fabulous, as you like. The Chocolate Festival is NOT having an International Luxury Chocolate Show this year, but we are still going to have some great Chocolate times! Each year the King Edward produces a special Chocolate High Tea to join in on the fun, which has always been enjoyed by everyone. Below I have included a sneak peak at the menu for anyone wanting to know more and what they have in store. Special Note: In the past I would buy us a platter from the Consort Bar in the Hotel, instead this year I decided to create a $49.00 Discounted Price. With this Special Event you will see a $54.00 price online. When you RSVP kindly eTransfer and pay a $10.00 Reserved Spot Fee, and I will give you an extra $5.00 off. Yes, we'll still meet at the Consort Bar for 1:30pm to say Hello, at 2pm we all will head over. Email for eTransfer: [masked] https://www.torontochocolatefestival.com/events/chocolate-high-tea/

    This Meetup is past

    The Omni King Edward Hotel

    37 King Street EastToronto, ON

  • Odile Chocolat
    Hey Everyone! Change is coming to out group next year. Some people love change, some hate it - many people embrace change, just as promised, I'm giving everyone a lot of notice. Our traditional ChocoSepts will end next year, and by popular demand Odile Chocolat is our next ChocoSept... oh all the memories in the journey.馃槉 What's a ChocoSept? Fair Question. Years ago when the group began we had $5 Fab and Gabs. Basically we visited Fabulous Chocolate Boutiques in the city and enjoyed Gabbing about life, plus ofcourse we sampled the exquisite Chocolates they had to offer! ChocoSepts replaced the Fab and Gab, at $7 we mainly continued the same theme, with a "Set" yummy agenda in mind, connecting with the location. Odile Chocolat was the first Chocolate Boutique we visited due to demand. Truly we had such a Fabulous time, we returned a few months later for a Workshop! Known for her passion and extensive level of experience, specializing in the French Parisians Style of Chocolate Truffles, Odile Chatelain is devotedly in a league of her own. For our ChocoSept Odile has put together a Sample of 3 Chocolate Truffles in her Specialty line, plus a bonus treat! Everyone is free to make additional purchases if you like. Yes everyone, as promised, we are going back-our goals are still to relax, enjoy some Great Chocolate, and have a good time.

    Odile Chocolat

    829 Dundas St WestToronto

  • Why I Love Chocolate
    Welcome to Our Chocolate Share and Tell! Do you Love Chocolate? Join us for our very First Group Chat in a 3 Part Mini Series of Chocolate Discussions. Less of a Lecture and More of a Causal Set Talk, with fun and yum in mind馃槈, I felt to share a little Chocolate Love. Often I have been asked, "Why Do You Love Chocolate?" Much like a person in love, my real answer is, for the most part I just do, no reason! Still, when asked, we can all share great things about our loved ones-if pushed, I thought I'd share my favorite things I like to say about Chocolate and why it's dear to my heart. September is Back to School time for many, and with Chocolate Origins being at the Very Top of my Love of Chocolate list, that's where our chat will begin. What are Chocolate Origins? Come and find out! Yes, ofcourse I am bringing Chocolate!!! This is me remember, plus we are discussing White, Milk, Dark, and the Health Benefits of Chocolate.

    University of Toronto WDW/TYP

    123 St George StToronto

  • Market 707 Jammy Dodger Bakery
    Hey Chocolate Lovers! You are truly in for a Supreme treat.鈽 Many of you know we love to explore a Good Bakery, a Yummy Market, and Every Chocolate Fabulousness the city has to offer! Come join us as we say Hello again to our friends at The Jammy Dodger Bakery as we visit the packed in deliciousness of the Bathurst and Dundas FoodCar Market Community. Last year in 'Chocolate Market Research' we met a Wonderful Lady with a Creative Bakery Themed business. Wow, oh my yum, did we have a great time! For anyone that missed it, this is the woman that introduced us to - her very own creation, The Chocolate S'more Fudgecile... need I say more? This is a Chocolax, End of Summer Fun, Street Patio Lunch, and Good Time. We are going to chat with Emily, the creative mind behind the bakery delighting in her Chocolate Brownie, Hot Chocolate, and enjoying the amazing Chocolate S'moresicle experience! Bring your appetite, this FoodCar Market has so much to offer.

    Jammy Dodger The Bakery

    707 Market PlaceToronto, on

  • Rooftop Patio Chocotails and Cake
    Well as this Summer comes to a close, let's go enjoy these last days at the Beach! Specifically, in this case I mean down by The Beaches, a fun, relaxed, often charming Toronto neighbourhood. Laughs and Raising a Glass is our goal, to enjoy a Cocktail, yummy Chocolate Cake, but mainly its a Social Gab. Hilariously we had a few visits from Murphy's Law this summer, the Kensington Market Black Out, the KitKat Chocolatory Sell Out, and the Week Early Closing of the Factory to name a few. Ofcourse we Chocolate Lovers are resilient people by nature, and we manged to keep having fun. Now as Summer comes to a close, we are going to Murphy's Law, for laughs, jokes, and Chocolate on their Rooftop Patio. Yes, a four letter word R _ _ N, can place a damper on a Rooftop Patio. Know the Fun and Laughter must go on, Thursdays is Comedy Day one floor down, so we are having a good time no matter what, and we have Murphy covered!

    Murphy's Law Pub and Patio

    1702 Queens St EastToronto

  • Stubbe Chocolates
    Hey Everyone, its been a while since we visited a Chocolate Boutique. Recently I shared that our group will head in a new direction next year, and that we are going to re-visit some locations by popular demand. Missed our visit to Stubbe Chocolates? Our next ChocoSept takes us back to delight in more of what they have in store. Never been to a ChocoSept? Fun is the goal, to anyone new to our group, we visit a Chocolate Boutique as more of a social outing. Learning a bit more about the store, we enjoy some of their in house specialities with a $7.00 intro style Chocolate tasting. Fairly often we go out after for a bite to eat, plus if you wish, buying some extra Chocolate in store, is up to you. Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry is amoung my favourite Chocolate Shops in the city. Located at the border of the Annex, this place is wonderful, if you have not had the pleasure, you must try German Style Chocolate Excellence. Many of you know I love this style, come find out why! Last visit we met up with the owner, to shake things up a bit, for this ChocoSept we are chatting with his Dream Team. We are still going for the Chocolate, but this round we are going to peak at some of their extra treats! Much like always, we are enjoying our choice of 3 Chocolates, and there is a special treat on me with this visit.鈽

    Stubbe Chocolates

    653 Dupont StToronto

  • Ed's Chocolate Gelato
    Need a Cool Treat in this Summer Heat? We have never gone to Ed's Real Scoop Chocolate, Ice Cream, & Fudge before, a sin that's easily corrected! Why now? Beyond it being summer, and their Fabulous Chocolate Gelato Flavours, I thought it would be a good space to share a "Real Scoop" with the group over a causal relaxed chat. Shortly I will be looking at exploring new things, and I am looking for some feedback. Lately I have been thanking God for my Air Conditioner, then I also thought - let's meet for Ice Cream! While there's certainly execellent Ice Cream at Ed's, they also do some GREAT Chocolate Gelatos! No Chocolate Discrimination馃槈 Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, they have got it covered. Ed's Real Scoop makes all of their Ice Creams and Gelatos in house. They are like a Boutique version of Ice Cream destinations. Recently I have been thinking, what are the "need to go" Chocolate places that I have not taken our group? For my part, I'm planing on winding down the group next year, so if anyone has any places that we must re visit, or visit, swing by to let me know. *Highly Recommended: Oddly Good - Red Hot Chili Chocolate Gelato; Plus ChocoAfter Party Chez "The Roy"

    Ed's Real Scoop Chocolate & Ice Cream

    920 Queen St EastToronto, on