• Cocoa Expo and Inspirations

    Online event

    Greeting Everyone,

    What have you been up to lately? Recently I took a trip over to Ghana, Virtually, to be inspired to start planning Chocolate outings. This is not a meetup. For a while there have been so many shifting rules, I was not sure about planning an outing, so I went on a virtual trip.

    Many people know about our 2019 Grenada trip, who knew how travel would shut down in the following year? Sadly 2020 had us postpone our Montreal trip, so for inspiration over the last few days I have been enjoying a 2021 Virtual Chocolate Expo; learning about Cocoa beyond the beans!

    In October I will try and plan something. Lately most places require that people are vaccinated to go indoors. Knowing that people have strong feelings on the subject, I thought I might offer anyone from the group a copy of the footage to enjoy this event online.

  • Back to Bar and Barns


    Hey Everybody!

    We are back.🙂 Outdoor and Indoor Gatherings have returned. Earlier I asked what interests people had in reconnecting. Many said hitting up a Patio, yet most people felt more comfortable meeting outdoors. In efforts to marry both, I thought we might go back to visit a couple places we visited outdoors casually in the past, and enjoyed.

    For the Patio, mini experience, we are meeting up at CocoaLatte for a quick bite, and then spending our time outdoors. CocoaLatte is a quaint and quality Café we have visited before to grab a quick delight. Known for their Brunch Style Flare, this has been a Fabulous, Grab a Latte, Dessert, and Laugh spot we have connected at in the past. Meeting to say Hello, this is less of a visit, and more our reconnecting gathering spot.

    Officially this meeting is more about visiting Bar Ape for their Excellent Gelato, and taking a walk to visit a Farmers Market at Wychwood Barns. Years back we first visited Bar Ape, it was Heaven, people have kept asking if we could go back. Personally I am there so much now, I worry about whether I am becoming a little addicted, yum-take caution! Loving your Gelato in hand, our plan is to casually take in the Wychwood Barns Outdoors Farmers Market. Chocolate is available, but optional to purchase, it has been a while! Just looking forward to your smiling faces.

  • Step To Chocolate

    Online event

    Greetings Everyone!

    We now are in Step Two... so what do you think about meeting? For many people getting out simply for Chocolate and Fun is long overdue. Right now I am thinking of Steps to Chocolate, and-Park, or Patio?!🙂🍫

    Please comment if you have anything in mind. One question I got was if we are going to ever visit boutiques again in this city? That might be a while, but I am working on seeing if we can visit a local artisan in an outdoor market.

    Does anyone remember the planning of the 2020 Summer Chocolate Montreal Road Trip? Laughing to myself, anywho, now that we are moving towards re-opening, throw in your ideas, we are planning fun!

    Best Wishes and Keep Safe

    (FYI: This is an online announcement, just in case, no meeting today.)

  • Global Chocolate Talk

    Online event

    Greetings Everyone!

    Well Toronto, we are back in Lockdown. Hope you all have been coping fairly well, this ongoing stretch has been getting hard. Lately I was asked if we might do another Zoom chat, and I decided to cast a larger invitation.

    Just for some fun, I thought I would host a very casual global chat. Mainly we are talking about Chocolate that makes you smile. Really the point is to have some light hearted banter, and checking in to see how people are doing.

    In order to allow for people to actually talk, and be heard there is a people cap. Some Chocolate Lovers are going to attend from beyond our group. Kindly RSVP if you are interested, for security I am sending the Zoom Link via messages.

  • Choc A Spring In Your Step

    Wells Hill Park

    Hey ChocoLovers,

    Spring is here, and our Grey Lockdown is moving us forward, rather slowly. For anyone nearby I am enjoying the fresh air, taking some Chocolate, and going for a walk. You are welcome to join me if you simply feel to leave your home and boost up your spirit by going for a walk outside.

    Recently there has been talks of things opening up in the city, but who knows when that will take place. Loblaws is available if you wish to grab something quick, but we are not meeting in the grocery store. Funny, I gave that some thought😅, later I might create an online Chocolate gathering, if you are interested, stay tuned!

    Earlier we thought of visiting Casa Loma before the Lockdown. With the hope of soaking in a little Vitamin D, walking to see the Castle is 15mins from Wells Park, and the goal is to stroll peacefully. Bring a smile, a mask, and take in the first day of Spring with an uplifting dose of sun.

  • Valentines ChocoDate

    Online event

    Greetings Everyone,

    This not a meetup. Kindly comment if you would like, this is a Happy Valentines Wish to Everyone, a simple I hope you are doing well. Often we gather before Valentine's Day for a preview, but in this lockdown thought I would send out a note wishing everyone a great day.

    Recently I got a few messages from people looking forward to meeting up in person. Hopefully we can schedule fun events in the not so distant future. What I thought I might do today, is post an open invitation to anyone that feels a little down, and wants to talk.

    Most people have grown tired of this ongoing pandemic, and being honest, some days have been tough. In case you feel to chat, drop me a message, I am happy to listen, and share a little joy. Sending out Virtual Hugs, Love, and the Hope that you have Chocolate.

  • Champagne and Truffles

    Online event

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Thought I would send out an invite to a different kind of New Years gathering. Often in January we grabbed Champagne Truffles from Teuscher and shared New Years Resolutions. For this year, we can all try finding some happiness goals.

    How do you feel about getting Champagne Truffles if you can, or bring whatever booze and chocolate you got? We are gathering on Zoom to share your plans for 2021, just for casual fun, and your welcome to come.

  • Distillery Christmas Tradition

    Distillery District (Shops& Galleries)

    Hello Everyone, Would anyone care to join me for a Peace and Good Tidings walk? Many of you know that yearly we have visited the Christmas Market, but now many of the stores are closed. Still in keeping Spirits Bright, many sights are lit up for quiet enjoyment.

    Christmas in Lockdown is certainly very different. One thing you can miss is the Joy, smiling faces are now covered by mask, but we can still meet outdoors, if you would like, in physical distance. Whatever you do, remember to still get outside a little to enjoy the warmth of this cold season.

    In past years we have gone around the Market sampling Chocolate and other fun things, but not so much this year. Come wearing a mask, dress warm, and buy a Hot Chocolate! For anyone interested this meeting is to simply delight in the festive lights, walk amousgt good people, and connect with the joyful parts of the Holiday Spirit in person.

  • Chocolate Year End Social

    Your Place - Stay Home

    Greetings Everyone!

    What a year! Clearly the Vision we all had for 2020 recieved many updates we did not plan. Still we have loads to be greatful for when you pause and reflect on those who have suffered greater loses. Did anyone feel to check in and share any big lessons or learnings over some Chocolate for giggles?

    Looking back over these past few months, the chaos really forced many of us to refocus our lives. Focusing on the best parts of the past year can give you a real smile. Remember our first meeting over Chocolate Baked Goods for the Comfort of Carbs? We decided to go to Nadège (the idea was to get pastries infused with Hope) after Trump was elected.

    Yes, this year had been more then a little hazelnuts!😊 For anyone interested, we are going to meet on Zoom soley to Chat on the Craze, and positive bits of navagating the Maze that was this year. Bring any great Chocolate, Tea, Booze, Pastry, Baked Good, that brought you cheer, as you worked your way through surviving the year.

  • Hello Chocolate Lovers

    Online event

    Greetings Everyone!

    This is not an event, its a Hello, and I hope all is well in your world. For members in the GTA we are now back in Lock Down, and I thought I would say Hi, plus check in with many of you. (Comment if you like☺)

    What is new in your world? Have any of you enjoyed any fabulous Chocolate? Might you have some good news to share?

    Next month, if people are inclined, we are going to have a Chocolate Holiday Office Party. There is no speacial requirements, its free, we are meeting on Zoom just for a laugh. Giggles are the only thing required, and for kicks, maybe one Chocolate story.