• World Chocolate Day & Ice Cream Dream

    Dutch Dreams

    Greetings Everyone! Well, as we come to another World Chocolate Day I felt like offering some of you an excuse to get outside and meet with cool people. Over the last few months we have Zoomed, and many have shared that outings feel Doomed! Right now our plan is to start having some outdoor meetings, but in small numbers. Have you Screamed, well, I have Screamed, over the past few months there has been a lot of cause to be frustrated. Remember that getting outside to chillax is still important, but we do want people to do this comfortably, safely, and with some physical distance. Summer is here, and if ever there was a time for meeting up, and cooling down, its now! Long Overdue? Yes, many times I know people asked if we could go to Dutch Dreams, and my concern has been the line. Full of Chocolate Fabulous... and other choices, we never said it was not worth the wait, but standing in line was not appealing for a meeting. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate, Drake Chocolate, the list goes on! Join Us, as July is National Ice Cream Month, No Screams😉 We are chillaxing outside, for a Distant World Chocolate Date.😊🍦🍫

  • Chocolate, Race, and Conversation

    Your Place - Stay Home

    Greetings Chocolate Lovers, How are you doing? Recently I have received a few questions from some people, and I felt like opening a chat, if you wish. June has been a long month, with re-opening, issues around race, and for a host of different reasons. Did anyone wish to talk over Chocolate this week? Over the years we have met up, as Lovers of Chocolat, and we are still people that invite others along the journey of adventures, requiring kindness along the way. Conversations around race can be uncomfortable, so I felt like offering a safe place to chat for anyone interested. Know that I am no expert on all things, but I do have a background that can answer some questions, and share many perspectives. In order to keep things a bit lighter, you are required to have some Chocolate, but whatever you have at home is fine. Many of us are in Zoom burn out, with that, and this particular topic in mind, feel no pressure to participate. Grab whatever Chocolate you have, come as you are, if you wish, and join us for a chat. *Zoom: Beautiful chat from earlier in the day. Wonderful group. Kindly ask me any questions on this serendipitous meeting.

  • Virtual Marathon, POGO & Chocolate


    ***Get Outside and Exercise, Have Chocolate, but also Run or Walk*** Hey Chocolate Lovers! Normally at the end of May, some of us would get up early to Volunteer at the 'Chocolate Station' in the Toronto Womens Run Series. Yearly this Run supports raising money for POGO - a charity that helps kids with cancer. Globally as serveral Marathons were cancelled, the Womens Run got creative, and the Marathon went Virtual. This had me thinking if we could still give away some Choocolate, and find a way to support these wonderful people. For any newer members, at the Chocolate Station yearly we give out Chocolate to participants in the race. We volunteer simply delighting in the fact it spreads Joy, and Encourages the Ladies! POGO stands for Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, and they stand up for Children Fighting Cancer, always finding collaborative ways to support kids + their families, through a difficult time. Now "these are challenging times" has become a mantra, but since we can get outside, I wanted to invite you all to become Marathoners, lending a hand. Okay, so, here is the deal. Collectively I would like to encourage us to all to get outside, safely, grab some Vitamin D, and Walk or Run. When you do, join us, taking note of your approximate distance, then share your progress with us, from today, May 30th until June 7th, the last day of the Virtual Race. Together we can do 26miles! You can upload a photo, and if you donate to POGO with the link provided, I will find a way to give you some Chocolate.☺🍫 Toronto Women's Run Info Link: https://www.towomensruns.com/ *Walk/Running Distance Tallies Accross Each Day. Our $400 Goal is 1% of $40K Chocolate Station Donations Link: https://p2p.onecause.com/championkidscancer/chocolate-lovers *Donate Botton is at the Bottom, and POGO will provide you a Tax Receipt. POGO Raising Awareness Link: https://www.pogo.ca/ *You Can also Support by Getting Social, Tag @POGO4Kids and #ChocolateStation **Please Note** Updates to Come. This is being done, in fun, and positivity. Many small updates to come, you can RSVP and check back. Shortly I am going to use the link below to donate. You do get a Charitable Tax Reciept from POGO when using the Donate link provided.

  • Mindfoodness, Tea with Chocolate

    Your Place - Stay Home

    **Meeting takes place on Zoom** Link provided to RSVP'ed Members While I am looking forward to meeting in person, I thought I would invite you along to a Virtual Chocolate Tea Mindfoodness Event. Later this year we still hope to enjoy an Evening Chocolate Tea when it can be done safely. Just with that day being far away, I have a Bud doing a Chocolate Afternoon Tea, so I thought I would invite you, if you wish to join. Sophie Vanderbecken is a wonderful Belgian Lady I met at the Grenada Chocolate Festival. In Mexico City she owns and operates Le Caméléon Chocolates, which brings together a unique combination of the long standing Mexican Chocolate History with a High End Belgium Chocolate flare. Together with Fernando Gaitán of Shaktea in Mexico City, these Calm and Center Business Owners are taking us through a Chocolate and Tea Mindfoodness exploration. Bring your own Tea, your own Chocolate, and come relax for a bit. Looking for a break to de-stress? Join us for a little bit of Chocolate Zen on Zoom. Eventually our meet ups will be in person again, but since we have the opportunity to stay home and travel internationally with Chocolate, let us enjoy this Tea time together.😊

  • Setting the Bar Film

    Your Place - Stay Home


    *Online MOVIE and Zoom Follow Up Talk* How do you feel about going to see a film? Setting the Bar is A story about Craft Origin Chocolate, and tells more of the Bean to Bar Chocolate story. The film invites you into the world of passionate Lovers of Cacao, that make Chocolate or that are connected to people in community of Artizan Cocoa production. Escape for an hour and enter the Peruvian jungle where people are travelling, and exploring their passion. You will meet various people in the Chocolate Industry, Farmers, Environmentalist, Makers, Chocolatiers, and more. When this film was touring in different cities, I thought we could see it eventually, but, would you like to have some fun and see it at home? One goal of the film was to shoot a beautiful epic that brings people together into the untold stories. Right now since we are not going outside to explore new Chocolate Adventures, why not enjoy this one indoors? Come with us into the Rainforest, learn a little more about Chocolate, then on Zoom we are having a light, causual, fun, talk about the film.😊 Trailer: http://www.settingthebarfilm.com/storyandtrailer https://vimeo.com/ondemand/settingthebar1/410327555

  • Chocolate Ambience of Calm on Zoom

    Your Place - Stay Home

    **We are Meeting on Zoom** Link provided to RSVP'ed Members Greetings! Okay so, yes, for people that know in April we head to Ambience Chocolat, I am sorta bummed. Need to say Hello to new people, or some people you might know? Come join us on Zoom for a Calm Ambience with Your Own Chocolate, that you currently have at home. Whenever our group meets, it happens to be a chill gathering. Right now I have been hearing that some of you have not been sleeping as well as you do normally. Just as we get together and chill, for a relaxing break, this meeting is focused on calm. Bring whatever Chocolate you have got, it does not have to be fancy! Truly, we are just having a Chocolate, Chat, and Chill. Should Ambience Chocolat wish to Connect with us, great, I will update the details, but otherwise, this is an Intentional Be Chocolate Mellow with Fellow Chocolate Lovers.😊

  • Kin and Pod Chocolate with Geordan

    Your Place - Stay Home

    **We are Meeting on Zoom** Greetings! That's Right... The Chocolate Love Continues!😊 Staying home can become a little monotonous. Want to join us for a Socially Connected fun time? We are planning our first, Old Style, ChocoMeet on Zoom. Technology can eliminate the barriers of distance, so I figured, why not start with a Fabulous Chocolate Maker from beyond our doorstep. Kin and Pod Chocolate is amongst my Canadian Favorites in Bean to Bar, and I thought it would be fun to chat with the owner, Geordan Spicer, from Alberta Canada. When our group began you might know, or some may recall, we had the $5 Fab and Grabs, we moved to a $7 ChocoSept, now over the next couple of months I am thinking about the Outstanding ChocolateMarkers, that are Great People, you might like to know. Right now this will evolve, but, if you are thinking it might be fun to have a Chat with a ChocolateMarker or Chocolatier, our goal is to add some needed fun in your day! Geordan is awesome, so too is Kin and Pod Chocolate. Some of you may have tried her Chocolate at The Candy Bar here in Toronto. Recently at The Winter Chocolate Show, this is the same great ChocolateMaker I kept sending people to so they could try samples of her Espresso Bar.😊 Eventually when I finally got over to say Hello, she had sold out! Currently she has a great Online deal with Free Shipping, we are going to chat about connections, and her Chocolate journey.

  • Stay Home With Chocolate

    Your Place - Stay Home

    *We are Meeting on Zoom* Greetings Everyone! Until it has been deemed safe, we are not meeting in person. This ofcourse is odd for our group. Lately I was asked if we could maybe ChocoMeet Online, and I hoped to give you all some options. Globally right now I know some people are hosting Chocolate Fun ways to connect. Some of you know Megan Giller, others can use Google😉, during these COVID19 quarantine times, she has begun hosting Tastings online. When you are stuck indoors for a while, Chocolate is your friend! Having a chats with people in the International Cocoa Loving Community, it was encouraged that I do a Chocolate and Chat for our group. Do you have Chocolate at Home? What Chocolate are you eating? Courious about more Chocolate Execellence that is available for home delivery right now in Toronto? Feel like you just want to connect and talk? This meeting will take place on Zoom, after 40mins😉 Join Me at 8pm @ChocolateTOLove on 'Instagram Live' for my slot in the #StayHomeWithChocolate Online Chocolate Festival. ***Zoom Meeting ID:[masked] Updates will be provided.

  • International Women Chocolate Makers

    Bar Poet

    Greetings! Celebrating International Women's Day, I thought it would be fun to have a Chat about some of the Fabulous Women in Chocolate. Some of you know the only Chocolate I make is Poetry, but I thought it could be fun to share a cocktail or two while tasting some Chocolate from Award Winning International ChocoLadies, and from those in our great country. For anyone wishing to come, we are having a relaxed, causual discusion and I am bringing the Chocolate to explore. There are so many Women Chocolate Makers that have done well in Canada, let's enjoy raising a glass in their honour. Bar Poet is often thought of as our prefect little Secret Garden for a causal meeting in the city. Wishing to connect over some of the great female bean to bar makers, Bar Poet seemed like a fun and fabulous spot to celebrate International Women's Day for this lady that only makes poetry bars.

  • Soma Chocolate Factory Tour

    SOMA chocolatemaker


    Greetings Everyone! Leap! We are jumping in this Leap Day, into more to explore. This is the Private Soma Factory Tour, for those of you who have been waiting. Earlier some of you know that we privately checked out the Soma Factory when they opened in December, and had a great time. Just as promised, I said in the new year I could look into a private tour for the group, to see more of the Factory together. Soma ChocolateMarker is a growing powerhouse in the Canadian, and Global Chocolate Market. Winning multiple International Chocolate Awards, Soma has been a major player in the growth of the industry here in Canada. Uniquely in Toronto, wearing both the Chocolatiers and ChocolateMarker Hats, at Soma you will find beautiful truffles, and exquisite creations in their Bean to Bar line. Right now if you are currently a member of this group, you will have probably heard of Soma, but, would you like to know more? For our group we are doing a Private Tour with Sam, their Lead Guide to learn a little more about the Soma Journey. In addition to exploring some Great Chocolate, we are going to enjoy taking a peak behind the scenes, or be able to see a few machines in operation. ***For this event please seek to arrive on time. Payment is going to be in advance for the Private Tour. You can pay by eTransfer, or let me know if you need another option. Kindly eTransfer to "[masked]" and send me a message with your password. Looking forward to a Fabulous Time!