• Coffee, Chocolate & Conversation

    Soul Chocolate

    Greetings Chocolate Lovers! Many of you know that later this month some of us are head to Grenada.😊 Looking forward to having a fabulous time! What some of you also know, is that in May I am headed on another, more faith based, trip. Knowing that we all have our unique special journeys, this MeetUp is mostly a chance to share a bit, and catch up on life. For anyone that has come out to enjoy some of the Fabulous Chocolate we have explored, you may have learned a bit about my faith background. In case you did not know, I'm Presbyterian, and there is a funny story behind how I came to be called Presby, which is not my name. Soul Chocolate is an Origin Chocolate and Coffee Shop run by Amazing People. One thing I thought I might like to do, before I head on the faith trip, is to grab a coffee, and just chat over some Dim Sum. Recently heard one literal translation for Dim Sum is "touch of heart" which I think it a nice connection to a variety of experiences. We are headed to Pearl Court, and sticking to a non-hidden theme, for dessert there is a collaboration ONXY Chocolate Shop I felt to show you.

  • Ambiance Chocolat

    Ambiance Chocolat


    Many of you know with Spring and the month of April I think of Ambience Chocolat. Often Exploring New Things Each Year, this Chocolatier seeks to perfect different nuisances in his selections. Love having Chocolate, tasting New Creations, and taking in the Newness of Life in Spring. Remember last year I thought I would start blogging? Laughs, for now let us just say that I am still working out the bugs, think I get inspired by the yummy that is his Greatest! Several people have asked me to keep the ChocoSepts going, while I'm still deciding, no matter what I had promised we could head back and go for an official ChocoSept visit. What is a ChocoSept? Our group enjoys a lot of 'next level' Chocolate in the city, we have $7 tasting style gatherings, to have a good time. Ambiance Chocolat is a fabulous Boutique with over 30years of experience producing High Quality Chocolate. Near Yonge and Eglinton, this is the same amazing Chocolatier our friend Odile mentioned... yes its worth heading passed the maze! Just a heads up, the neighborhood is under siegeded by construction. Dessert then lunch? We are partaking in our choice of 3 Chocolates alongside the Infamous Chocolate Mousse! Lunch is optional, if you wish to come, we are headed to a Thai Restaurant after called Bolan Thai Cusine.

  • Odile Chocolat Au Revoir

    Odile Chocolat


    Say it's just not so... well, yes, the rumour has been confirmed. Many of you have passed by lately wondering about Odile Chocolat, our long time, Beloved French Style Chocolate Boutique in the city. Do not shoot the messager, but yes, Odile plans to enjoy a New Chapter in her life. Come out and enjoy a Friday evening with a little French Chocolate! Some of you will know over the years we have Fab & Grab'ed, ChocoSept'ed, and Made Chocolate with Odile Chatelain in the past. Memories of Good Times! Never been with us to Odile Chocolat in our past visits? Whether you're an Old School member, or newer to our group, you are welcome to come by, as we say goodbye. For anyone that does not know Odile Chocolat, this is the Best Fresh Parisian Style Chocolate you can find in Toronto. Our visit will feature a Selection of Chocolates we have loved from Odile, and some time for everyone to make a purchase, if they wish, before we have to say Goodbye to her supply. Want to chat further and reminisce? Head over to Old School with us, we plan to lift our Spirits or Beer😉 after just to have a laugh.

  • Chocolate Tasting at Soma

    SOMA Chocolatemaker


    Greetings Chocolate Lovers, Can you believe its taken us this long to head back to Soma, our VERY first Chocolate Fab and Gab (aka ChocoSept) location! Kinda thrilled about going back. Yes, we have been to Soma, the Distillery location, many times causally at Christmas, but never formally. Recently I was told about these formal tastings at Soma, and ofcourse, I knew immediately, oh I am going! Reading the description, they suggests its an ideal outting for Chocolate Loving Friends and Family, so ofcourse that meant I had to invite all of you.☺ Interested? Shortly I will make a small update. Tickets are $28.25 when you check out after tax, but when they are gone, they are gone. Please feel welcome to send me a message to let me know they have Sold Out if you try buying a ticket and they are nolonger available, so I can update the group. https://www.somachocolate.com/collections/tastings/products/chocolate-makers-tasting-king-street-edition

  • Grenada & Chocolate Trip Info Session

    Dineen Outpost

    Grenada Trip - May 31st to June 7th (returning back in Toronto June 8th) Hey Everyone! We are Going to Grenada for the Grenada Chocolate Festival, and to my soon to be Travel Buddies, Happy International Women's Day! Many of you asked for more info on this amazing trip. First Yes $1385 includes your flight and your accommodations, plus a few Chocolate Festival Events. This is a Group Trip, if you really are not a fan of Chocolate, while yes, we scored a number of execellent deals, this might not be for you. Keeping in mind that Grenada is a Beautiful and Wonderful Island, with More then Chocolate to see, this is a Two in One trip. Listening to wise feedback, we are going to Stay in the Chocolate Festival Hub for 5 days, and spend our last 3 nights taking in more of Grenada, hitting up some highlights! Interested? Come to learn more over a Chocolate and Coffee. For people needing some travel details, we are flying out from Pearson (YYZ) on America Airlines 6:10am via Miami to Grenada arriving 3:15pm $620 CAD this is a return flight. We are staying at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort 5days, 4nights $300.00 USD (about $400.00 CAD). Our final three nights we are staying at Le Phare Bleu $365.00 which includes transportation cost. ***There are many additional details, come out if you want to know more, feel like joining us in Grenada, or just want to hang out for a Coffee on International Women's Day.😊*** DEADLINE TO PAY AMERICAN AIRLINES IS MARCH 31ST 2019 - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS, YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME FOR THE CODE TO BOOK YOUR FLIGHT. https://www.meetup.com/Chocolate-Lovers-Toronto/events/258829251/

  • Bean to Bar Selections at Candy Bar

    The Candy Bar Toronto

    Hey Chocolate Lovers! Did you miss the Winter Chocolate Show? It was a blast, many of you asked if there will be another show next year. First, I'm happy to say, plans are in the works to do it again, but for everyone that wanted to explore some of the Fabulous Chocolate we had, our next ChocoSept will take us to Candy Bar. Typically we do not go to Retailers for a ChocoSept, not my style.☺ However, Candy Bar is the Best Place in the City for buying a variety of Canadian Bean to Bar Premium Chocolate. Never been to a ChocoSept? Mainly it's a $7 Social Chocolate Gathering to Learn More about Execellent Chocolate. Candy Bar is owned and operated by a Co-Founder of the Winter Chocolate Show. Paolo has a Real Passion for Chocolate, and you will find many Internationally Acclaimed Canadian Bean to Bar Chocolate Markers, amousgt other fabulous Chocolate in her store. For our ChocoSept we are going to enjoy some of the Best of Canadian Bean to Bar Chocolate, and you'll also be in for one extra special treat!

  • Winter Chocolate Show

    Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

    Ready to Explore Something New? Bean to Bar Chocolate is rarely featured in Canada, but we do have some of the World's Best. Many people would be surprised to learn how many Global Awards have been given to Canadians. For some of you that have attended talks with Audrey, you will see these vendors at this new Toronto Bean to Bar show. Our city is full of culturally interesting historic sites. The Enoch Turner Schoolhouse is a Downtown Toronto Destination that host a spectacular variety of events in the city. Shout Outs to Nisa for the info on this gathering of Bean to Bar Chocolate Markers. We often visit Chocolatiers that do more Truffles, however, in the World of Bean to Bar, this show is bringing out some Really Great Bar Makers. Wondering about the Fabulous Chocolate that you will find at this event? Just to name a few, Desbarres Chocolate, HummingBird Chocolate, and SOMA ChocolateMaker will be there, plus there are workshops to enjoy! https://www.thewinterchocolateshow.com/festival-information/

  • Evening Chocolate High Tea

    T-Buds Tea Lounge

    That's Right Everyone, by popular demand, it's Tea for Two, or Two Groups, for Tea! Once again hosted by Gary and Me.😉 Enjoy our classic Evening Chocolate Tea, with both Savoury Tea (without sweets), and traditional options -scones, crêpes, sandwichs. Come on your own if you wish, or bring a friend, the choice is yours! Want a peak? Here’s the most recent updated copy of the standard Afternoon Tea and Food Menu: (https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B5Dvx40WoBYWSXNhQk1HSkdmUU0) Know you can select a more Classic High Tea, if you like, or pick from a variety of yummies off the menu. While many of us will be having the Chocolate Tea, you are not require to choose this option. Everything on the menu comes highly recommend! Note: This is a Joint Event. Incase you miss it, message Gary to ask him about Joining his Group, they meet for an Evening Tea with Chocolate options typically about once a month.🍫😋☕

  • Chocolate Popping Champange Brunch

    Teuscher and La Société

    Celebrating a New Year, we are continuing our tradition of starting the year right in Chocolate Style Champagne Luxury. We typically got together in the evening to share our New Year's Resolutions. Last year we met in the morning for a change, and included a Brunch, a great addition that is worth repeating! For anyone new to our group, in the past we did monthly ChocoSepts, fun little Exploring Chocolate Trips where everyone learned a bit more about our selected Chocolate store. Doing things a little differently, last year we took our Champagne Truffles from, in my opinion, the World's Best in this area, Teuscher, and mixed our info session with a Brunch.😊 Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland has moved a little, again, but its still in the same location. Known for their commitment to Quality, Teuscher brings their Swiss Chocolate games to a whole new level! We are first meeting at Teuscher, bring $7 Cash for our Champagne Truffles, and you can make extra Chocolate purchases while there, if you wish. Following our ChocoSept we are headed to La Société for a Social Brunch worthy of Champagne!🎉🥂🍫🎊

  • Toronto Christmas Market

    Distillery District (Shops & Galleries)


    Friends this will be our last group trip strolling through Chocolate Spots at the Market. Never been? Enjoy the Delightful Spirit of the Holiday Season as we take a walk through our Toronto Christmas Market. Yearly we have gone to watch the light turn into night, in the hours from Day to Dusk when our city is full of Joy in the Beauty of the Season in the Distillery District. Coming down for the first time? You might want to arrive by TTC - as some of you may know, traveling into the Distillery by transit has been made easier. Now there is a Street Car Special Loop root added to get into the Distillery District. For anyone that wants to drive, just know that people have expressed - parking, can be a challenge. We meet away from the crowd so people get better acquainted with our group before exploring the market. Look for the Shops and Galleries passage at 33 Mill Street, Distillery District, between The Beer Store and the Wellness Lemon Water Shop. Relax and have a stroll, we are going to enjoy much of the Yum the market has to offer! Here are our main Chocolate Destinations along the way. Our first quick ToGo stop is at Cocoa 70 to grab a little something, a group favorite. Yearly we connect with Massionette, I still love the Fabulous Mrs Laura Slack, you do not want to miss her Drinking Chocolate! In the end we make our way to Soma ChocolateMaker to laugh, and share what fun we had along the way. http://www.tochristmasmarket.com/#!/tickets