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This is a group for girls like me - bored of working, having dinner with my lovely hubby before watching some vacuous film and going to bed!
Maybe you’ve relocated to the area leaving close friends and family behind? Or, perhaps friendships have drifted? Either way, Join Christchurch Girls 40's and 50's if you fancy catching the latest chick flick - with the chicks! Go to a gig, pub, restaurant, grab a coffee, lunch or a day out somewhere – but most of all, join to meet new friends and enjoy the camaraderie of having fun times laughing with ‘The Girls’.
I thought to keep this group to my age range (selfish I know...but I’ll pay for the page site and I still feel young and go-getting at 50). And girls only, as the dynamic of a meetup group changes when they are mixed, plus I’m happily married and there are oodles of sites for singles out there. We can use this group as a message board as well as for planned events. If you find you have a free evening one week, I’d urge you to message another member, or contact me to say you’re free for a drink, pub meal whatever and I’ll put it up as an event. This creates frequent opportunities of meeting new people and before you know it, you have a new circle of friends!
This group is for smiles, fun conversation with a good sprinkling of irony, wit, opinion and wisdom. My ticks for enjoyment are food and nattering, wine and walks, coffee and people watching (ooooh I love people watching), Zumba (I went for a while, but I’m useless), inviting friends over for dinner (I love to cook), art and galleries – may be a night class for the winter months?
The boring bit:
You won’t enjoy Christchurch Girls if you want to talk about school age parenting techniques, the price of peas, nor if you are a bit prickly and easily offended on other people’s behalf – hopefully you get the jist?
You’ll need to have written a bit about yourself on your profile and have a head and shoulders profile picture when requesting that you join the group (no flowers, sunsets or images of your cat please). This is so that I can recognise you and other members can see who is coming to the meetups. I won’t give access to anyone without a picture of themselves. I’m happy to pay for the running of the group, but when an event requires a deposit or prepayment by a certain date, if your payment doesn’t come in, I’ll need to remove you from the event, as I can’t keep chasing. I don’t want to appear petty (yawn…) BUT this group isn’t for members to promote their businesses. If someone feels that their company would create a great meetup experience for us as a group, then please contact me and we can talk about options for scheduling an event. Otherwise advertising and promoting businesses are a no-go.

There are lots of social meet-ups on here, but sometimes you just want to hang out with the girls - so if that’s what you are missing, please get in touch!

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