What we're about

This is group for those who enjoy film and philosophical discussion in relation to its form and content.

How it will work is an easily available film (Netflix, Lightbox or Youtube) will be selected in advance of the meeting for attenders to watch before the meetup. Background detail and discussion questions to consider while watching will be provided. The film selection will cover a range of genres and tastes, but there are unlikely to be any 'big blockbuster' movies. Most will be what is best described as 'accessible alternative', which may be all or some of the following : indie, film festival, vintage, cult, foreign, political or art-focused. Any film chosen will give us plenty to talk.

The group meetings are likely to be in or around the Lincoln/Selwyn area to begin with, but quite likely to be 'town' venues as well. In the first instance, at least, we will meet at The Laboratory brewpub once a fortnight on Tuesdays between 6.30 and 8.30.

You are invited to join with further information to follow regarding a film schedule meeting time and place etc.

There is no obligation to regularly attend if you join at this point. The goal at this stage is just to build a community of film lovers and see how it goes from there.... but from the experience of other groups (and an increased cost) there will be a need to cap membership at 50, and each group attendance at 12 to 15 so we can be easily accommodated somewhere and everyone can have their say.

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