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Hi All,
I am The new Organiser of the Group and I’m excited to get us all together sharing our stories, advice, troubles and tricks to help bio-hack our body to reach its full potential.

Since a young girl I had suffered bad health with an auto immune disease. I have tried all sorts of remedies and natural medicine but had never explored the true power of nutrition until the last year or two.
I Am passionate about health and well being and helping others!
I am currently doing my Post Grad Cert in Performance Nutrition where there is a strong emphasis on Carb appropriate, HFLC, MCT Keto Modified and the Ketogenic way of eating for optimal human performance (not just athletes but every day people :))

I am a mother of 3, have put on the kilos during pregnancy and worked hard with diet and exercise to get my pre baby bod back!.. and it’s the power of Nutriton that is the key to improving our health and allowing us to function at our optimal selves.

When we feel great, we move our body more, develop self love, give more, and understand ourselves as well as having better relationships with our friends, partners and family. It’s a Holistic approach and I would love for us all to share within this group when we meet up!

On any journey of change , the most important thing is support and access to accurate information. As we get to know each other I hope that we will develop long lasting friendships and a sense of "family "where we can share the things that really are going on for us in a safe and trusting environment. My aim is to support you to develop healthy habits that are simple and lead to overall heath and wellbeing.

Organics and whole-foods and are always going to be the baseline to a good nurtrition plan.
Some People may do well on an extremely low carb/high fat diet and others may do better on a modified Ketogenic diet, still be in ketosis and feel amazing.
We are all different and many factors come into account when searching for the right nutrition plan to follow.
So let’s dhare share share.
There’s so much to know and we can all contribute, which is why I love the idea of this Meetup group.

If you have a desire to change to a more healthier , happier person
And lose body fat that you may be struggling to shift, then I look forward to meeting up .

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