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This is a group for those that want an informal, regular, mind over matter challenge. Lets go for a swim (or just a quick dip!) out in Sumner. I look forward to meeting anyone who wants to build up their cold tolerance and mental endurance, or just get their weekend off to a bracing start.

This group will initially meet once a week at Sumner beach on Saturday mornings (we can change things as needed). We will go for a brief swim, followed by coffee and a yarn for those that want to. You'll obviously need your togs and a towel. Warm clothes to change back into will also be essential!

Ok, but why the heck would you do this in the first place?

Because modern living makes us soft! Because the cold can teach us a lot about ourselves; our mental fortitude, discipline, and our ability to put mind over matter. Read up about Wim Hoff if you want to get inspired to embrace your inner iceman/icewoman.

And in the summer?

No reason we still can't enjoy a good swim!

Aside: The local sea temperature varies between 8 and 17 degrees C over the course of the year (it is coldest in August)

Important Safety Stuff

Cold water and swimming off a beach does pose a few risks to be aware of; hypothermia, rip tides, and so forth. Please brush up on your basic water safety! We won't be venturing far from the shore at all, but lets be careful and look out for each other :)

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Sumner Beach

Saturday Winter Swim

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